Vaping In The News – July 29, 2017


Vaping In The News, July 23rd – 29th, 2017

Vape Shop Employees: Public Health Advocates? ~ Is vapor also unhealthy for lungs? ~ TRIPLE cessation. ~ Dance, monkey, dance ~ Huh ~ Budget Cuts ~ FDA Announcement


Doing more than tobacco control does:

“…relish their role in assisting others in taking what employees view as positive health actions…”

Vape Shop Employees: Public Health Advocates?

You want to know:

“…it is impossible to find any evidence – and difficult to find any reasonable argument – that vaping will not turn out to be 99.9% safer than smoking, +/- 0.1%, since there are no visible routes to serious health issues visible at this time.”

Is vapor also unhealthy for lungs?

TRIPLE cessation.

Don’t hurt yourselves watching this.


Have you seen THR4Life?



Dance, Monkey, Dance.

Is Simon Chapman dancing to the tune of Big Tobacco?


Americans are quitting smoking in higher numbers; study suggests e-cigarettes help

Breaks my heart.

No it doesn’t.

Budget cuts leave WV Tobacco Prevention Office with one employee

Do you know about NNA?


FDA Announcement via Dr. K. Farsalinos:

FDA announcement: a policy change of endorsing harm reduction?

FDA Announcement via Clive Bates:

Huge FDA announcement on future tobacco and nicotine strategy

Are you familiar with INNCO?


FDA Announcement via Paul Barnes:

FDA Announcement: What Does it Mean?

FDA Announcement via THE Fergus Mason:

PMTA Delay Buys Vapers Some Breathing Space

FDA Announcement via Simon Chapman

Richard Besser

President and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation — Johnson & Johnson, is concerned… about his front groups & revenue falling from sales of patches & gums.

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E-Cigarette Politics 

A Billion Lives

A Billion Lives


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