Smoking Rates Among Youth Now At “Unimaginable” Levels


Smoking rates are now dropping MUCH faster than anticipated.

That is against the master tobacco control “endgame“.

The propaganda of e-cigarettes being “gateways” and creating “new addicts” are unfounded. The ever-popular phrase “think of the children™” squealed by experts is another contrived and unsuccessful effort to keep themselves relevant.

Smoking rates have now plummeted “among youth” AND adults.


Matt Myers, of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is in shock. The decline of tobacco use and e-cigarette use is so dramatic, the claims of a gateway or addicting new smokers is now plenty of reason for the whole world to pause for a moment – or two.

Statistic have been manipulated,  creating mythical gateways, pretending there is such a thing as nicotine addiction.

The December U.S. Surgeon General propaganda train was covered here, here, here, and here.

You still haven’t answered my question.

LESS smoking concerns you “how”?


Keep The Lies On Your Side

Smoking and e-cigarette use is declining so dramatically, Matt Myers, President of  “Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids” said “This is unimaginable, extraordinary progress” in this Washington Post article.

What were you thinking when you co-sponsored this letter?

You still haven’t answered this question, either:

WHY aren’t you working on reducing or eliminating the non-compliance level – evidently acceptable – TWENTY percent of sales of tobacco to minors by retailers?

Where is that press release? Where are signatures from all your groups?

Why can two out of ten children still possibly purchase tobacco?

Synar Amendment.

The Heat Is On

“Approved” products do not work.

With snus largely ignored, the advent and success of e-cigarettes, heat not burn products coming into the market, the public is generally unaware of you deceiving them and withholding information about MUCH less harmful products.

Since its inception and invention, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and President Matt Myers has done anything and everything to keep people smoking.

Less smoking and e-cigarette use is still concerning you, Mr. Myers?

If e-cigarettes and flavors are a gateway to smoking, where are all the new smokers?

This graph from the Centers for Disease Control – even with my amateur assessment – is the general experimentation of smoking with kids, which will happen with, or preferably without you. Don’t flatter yourself.

You didn’t cause that rate to drop. E-cigarette availability and preferability did.

What the hell is wrong with you?

YOU want e-cigarettes regulated, which will, in turn, create more smokers.

youth kids decline decline decline cdc

Yes, Mr. Myers. Unimaginable to believe after more than thirty years of manipulation, you’ve got your work cut out for you. You need to figure out how to remain suitable to shareholders to continue the business of being a front group.

In order to retain your status, your “non-profit” business model must have new smokers whether they’re kids or adults.

You can pretend your “efforts” brought these numbers down all you like, posturing as a hero and gloating…but you, and tobacco control’s agenda-driven irrelevance is drivel dripping down your chin.

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