Vaping In The News–June 10th, 2017


Vaping In The News – June 4th-10th, 2017

1963 ~ Still Angry ~ I’ve Got a Question about CONtrol ~ Spurious Correlations ~ LGBT Community & Harm Reduction ~ In 60 Seconds ~ FDA Head ~ Dollars For Docs ~ Vaping Is Safer ~ Snus ~ The Healing Power of Smoking (Vaping) ~ The Vulgar Vaper ~ Survey



Imagine knowing, having and being capable of less harm.

Then, imagine the power to to suppress that information – just like they’re still doing now.

Herbert Gilbert filed his patent, Apr. 17, 1963.

“Project Ariel” was also underway –

without of course, any combustion products”

Project Ariel


Still Angry – And Getting More So!

 Do you know about NNA?


I’ve got a Question about CONtrol

Skip, who’s a cranky old…  well, you’ll see how wound up she is when she poses her questions:

I’ve Got a Question about CONtrol


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Spurious Coorelations

Cause & effect. You know the deal. This crossed my eye on Facebook and I got a laugh out of it.

It seems anything “may, could or might” have something to do with anything else… apparently!

Spurious Coorelations

LGBT Community & Harm Reduction: Nicotine Addiction

Althought I have stated nicotine addiction itself does not exist without tobacco, I completely agree with this approach to harm reduction for the LGBT community.

LGBT Community & Harm Reduction: Nicotine Addiction

Truth in a tobacco control tweet:

Misinterpretation and ZERO insight.

Sadly, this says everything to me about tobacco control and all “it” pretends to stand for. Zero insight, all control.

(You’re welcome).

True #PublicHealth from Sally Satel:

Science would be a good start.

*Twilight Zone voice*

Imagine if science was used instead of opinion to create sensible regulations? Imagine the embarassment that would cause in the cesspool of expert opinion touted for 10+ years?

FDA Head To Use Science To Determine Vaping Regulations

Dollars for Docs

Has Your Doctor Received Drug or Device Company Money? After all, doctoring is a business.

After all, doctoring is a business. “Here, take this… and come on back and see me”….

ProPublica, who releases many useful tools, has this as well, thanks Tim!

Dollars for Docs

Vaping Is Safer

Kevin Price is a busy man. He is with

He is with Colorado Smoke-Free AssociationVapΩr ML LLC juice company and the newly formed Tobacco Harm Reduction 4 Life.

Vaping is safer



I know next to nothing about snus. I’ve never tried it, but I’m learning every day.

Brad Rodu has been on this form of harm reduction for years here.

Sweden has a FIVE percent smoking rate, yet, snus, and harm reduction is all but ignored almost everywhere.

If you’d like to learn more about snus, here is another a great resource:

The Healing Power Of Smoking (Vaping)

Via VapingPoint, I’ve quietly followed Liz for pretty much the whole time I’ve known the battle has existed.

I will not conform. #Louder.

There is something evil in the air worldwide – and its not smoke or vapour. What the evil is, is the intrusion of The Tobacco Control Industry into the private lives of smokers and vapers and their malice aforethought in re-sculpting the whole of society.

The Healing Power of Smoking (Vaping)

Are you familiar with INNCO?


THE Fergus Mason hosts his 1st #SmokeFreeRadio episode and I am looking forward to many more!

This survey is still ongoing from THRA!

A CONSUMER group, The Tobacco Harm Reduction Association of Canada wants voices. Take it, share it!


This is a worldwide survey.



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