Proof of nicotine “addiction” uncontested so far


The claim (“As with drugs such as cocaine and heroin” is their claim) from health officials of nicotine being as or more addictive than heroin and cocaine is being put to the test. For decades, nicotine addiction has been a foundation for addiction to smoking since the release of this report in 1988 by Surgeon General, C.Everett Koop.


Addiction to nicotine HAS been challenged by Frenk & Dar in 2011 here:

If the data contradict the theory, throw out the data

Where are the experts

Think of the implications and weight of this challenge. Are they simply ignoring the question? One would think there would be a mass influx of evidence provided within the first week. I thought this little old WordPress blog would have crashed by now from the experts trying to prove themselves right.

There should be, after decades of assertion, the ability to point to the evidence. There should be ample examples of millions of people strung out on nicotine.

nicotine aaron

Is the claim such a well-known punchline in the clandestine world of “we’re in charge” that consumers are supposed to “take their word for it”? Is the claim a long-standing tobacco control and anti-tobacco joke?

I’m not laughing.

It’s    not    funny    to    me.

There are intricacies within this challenge and results I will blog about at the end of the 30 -day challenge. You’re smart, you’ve probably already thought of them.

Are We Impugning?

I don’t believe we’re loud enough.

I encourage you to pose the challenge to them – directly on blogs, emails, websites, articles, twitter, facebook …… impugn the usual criminals suspects…..ask them to try harder.

SHOW the proof.


Where is the documentation?

Raising FUNDS for E-Cigarette Research coincides with the  30-day challenge and has given “public health” experts 30 days to show nicotine “is” addictive.

There’s still time



Change the world.

Donate, spread this around.

I encourage you to tag and post the challenge everywhere you know the smartest experts will see it. Make them think. Put them to the test. Ask them questions. Question the integrity of the assertion. Wait for the response. They don’t have to prove us wrong, they must prove themselves right.

After all these years, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to do.

Give them the chance to answer the challenge publicly on this specific blog.

$270.00 $295.00 has been raised. (Thank you!) The goal for this campaign is set at $25,000.00.

Sharing is caring. Go here and thank you in advance.

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A Billion Lives

This isn’t over:

Your comments are NEVER filtered, always encouraged and welcome on this blog.

More to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.



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