Guest Post: Listen To The Thunder Down Under

thunder lightning

We ALL have a voice.

Vapers.  Some of us are subtle, some are sensible.  Some deal with facts and science. Others have no filter. Some are quiet. We are worldwide. We’re all pissed off.

“The delegates’ interim decision is that the current scheduling of nicotine remains appropriate.”

This is a guest blog via my friend Broony

The Thunder from DownUnder.

Time for a change

It is time for those in power to change the laws, to see they’ve been lied to (and still are) by ANTZ (Anti-Nicotine & Tobacco Zealots) long enough. It is time to stop rewarding the lies and accept that smokers are switching in droves for a reason.

They have studied the scientific research, they have listened to the now ex-smoking vaper’s stories of success and the change it has brought to their lives.

Smokers who are contemplating switching to vaping are likely the ones who have tried before to stop, using other NRT systems with no long-term success.

Many Doctors and other Health Care Providers WHO once believed the negative sayings, discussions about vaping are now listening to those who vape, the so-called “Anecdotal Evidence” (by the millions mind you) as ANTZ would have you believe.

They are seeing WHO’s FCTC ran by those who are happy to lie, breaking the sacred trust of Office, and are now against the Convention because they can no longer see it is serving the greater good.

Now it is time for Governments around the world to also serve the greater good of and for the people that they are SUPPOSED to serve by freeing up the market for vaping products and goods. Do not keep on rewarding the liars, the ANTZ.

Stop, look, listen

Read the vaper’s stories. They are the ones who have need of vaping to switch out from smoking – not the ANTZ – for zealousness blinds people and they no longer care to see what is right from wrong, fact from fiction.

They only know what they want regardless of WHO it hurts….. or kills.

A quick poll for you down under, you can view the results immediately and comments are encouraged:


In May of 2016, Clive Bates covered this, surely influencing the decision made:

Do not read this or discuss it and in no circumstances should you comment

Then read the Department of Health, Therapeutic Goods Administration decision:

Scheduling delegate’s final decisions, March 2017.

If you are in AU, please visit and support the NNA:

NNA: New Nicotine Alliance AU

Thank you, Broony, and keep fighting.

“Unbiased, reliable – full access” information.

Raising FUNDS for E-Cigarette Research

Nicotine Addiction: An Open 30-Day Public Health Challenge

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A Billion Lives

This isn’t over:

Your comments are NEVER filtered, always encouraged and welcome on this blog.

More to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.



7 thoughts on “Guest Post: Listen To The Thunder Down Under”

  1. ANTZ has always been using the “B” ait and “S” witch method to connive everyone into believing the utter nonsense certain elements would conjure up to keep all the non smoking public off balance. For those who continue to smoke they could care less about vaping and if or if it doesn’t bring any harm until they somehow decide they no longer want to light up and start taking a look at what so many others have done already in regards to making a potentially life saving decision without question!

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  2. We need to take a leaf out of the ANTZ playbook and repeat, repeat, repeat! Our advantage and the difference is that we have science and truth on our side and they have neither. The truth will out!

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