Top 10 “things” that piss me off about #ecigs.


You know what pisses me off aside from the obvious? A lot. I don’t like that. There’s nothing I can do about it, but it scorches my ass.

Certainly we all have pet peeves. Some things bother a few, a few things bother many, and this is my partial list.

There’s plenty more, but I’ve tried to narrow it down for time and space. If you’re not a regular reader, thanks for joining me. If I have to warn you about hurting your feelings or being offended, I just did.

Hydrate. Relax. It’s all in good fun. I hope you laugh, and then move on.

I know you’re excited, so here are my Top 10 “things” that piss me off about #ecigs.

#10. ENDS.

Your e-cigarette will NOT be referred to as an “Ends“. The “scientific” and “health” community likes to call them that. No. Because they’re idiots. They probably spent a million dollars in research to come up with that acronym because P.E.N.I.S. was taken.


Please do not refer to your device, gear, rig, setup or e-cigarette as “ENDS”, unless you’re referring to it this way: Yes, that is  (pick any name – I call mine Martha)____, ___ “ends” my smoking.

#9. Journalists.

If you’re a public health expert, just go here

Journalists, I AM here to help.

Stop “describing an e-cig” to fill your word count. If you can’t figure out how to start an article without describing an e-cigarette for the first paragraph, adding in the children or other wibble quotes on the second, and repeating the same shit about the first two paragraphs for the remainder of the article, find another occupation.


Do some investigative work. You know, your job. If you’re a “journalist”, get your balls from your significant other, bring them to your keyboard and grab the world by the scruff of the neck.

Bring your nose closer to the screen and find some research and science to write about. Instead of trying to kiss ass and pretend you’re right, try, and I know this sounds scary  – the truth.

Once that truth has slapped you upside your head, here’s a thought: Ask these people you quote what the health implications of deceiving the public will be. That should get you in to the big parties. Wear something nice.

#8. Everyone

(You too, Journalists)

Don’t refer to Stanton Glantz as a “scientist” or a Doctor.. He is neither. He wouldn’t know a beaker if he had one stuck up his ass.

He’s part of the reason smokers were freezing their ass off outside when they smoked.

He’s part of the Rotund Reaver Association.

He also needs to talk to the math department and take a class.

The other three goons- Capewell, Mckee and Chapman aren’t scientists, either.

#7. Smoking and OIL

People, your “e-juice” is not OIL. It is e-liquid. Happy juice if you must. It is not “oil”. I’ll accept e-juice, but cautiously. Only scientists, journalists and health “officials” can continue to say “oil” when referring to e-liquid.


Don’t say “oil”. It separates us from those who drag their knuckles on the way to “work” and us common folk.

Vaping isn’t smoking.

Unless you use a pipe shaped vaping device, don’t get me started on “e-pipe”.

#6. Battery Safety


If you’re going to continue to try to set yourselves ablaze, at least carry a bag of marshmallows with you at all times for your friends. For fucks sake. Stop trying to catch yourselves on fire.

If you DON’T want to stop yourselves from catching on fire and WANT to have your 15 minutes of fame – be productive and at least mention that you should’ve listened to CASAA’s advice to the news crews and the emergency crews who responded to your stupid ass lack of knowledge.

#5. “Marketing” to children

I don’t see this as much as I used to, but if you make your oil e-juice DAMMIT ~  e-liquid –  with cartoons plastered all over the bottle or are using copyrighted material, or intellectual property, you have no intellect and your juice is probably shit. Then you could be sued, and someone will take your property for stealing theirs.

Stop doing that. Vaping has enough problems looking legitimate without your half-assed dirty bath water. Oil. e-juice. Dammit. E-liquid! Irresponsible. It looks like you’re marketing to children whether you’re doing it or not. Change the label. Make your money. Be well.

PEOPLE, If it has cartoons on it, stop buying it.

#4. That’s Not Good Enough

I don’t CARE if you’re dual using or using a cig-a-like. I don’t CARE if you’re using a $400 mod or dripping or cloud blowing. Don’t dismiss anyone starting out, don’t dismiss or become a critic for the device someone else is using.

Everyone is different. They aren’t you. Some are not in the mood for your lecture – they already are on the same playing field using different equipment. They’ll “move up” if they like.

“You can smoke and vape. In fact, I encourage it. “Dual-use“.”

Some like the hassle-free convenience of cig-a-likes. Some like me, using an ego style battery and my little old CE4 – just want to not smoke. I’ve used an MVP, and I recently “inherited” an Istick 30 from my son. I like it, but carry my ego as well.

There’s a fine line between educating and berating. Kind of like this top 10 list.

Think of it this way: Imagine your Grandmother as SHE walked into a Vape Shop

Nicotine strength is next.

#3. Nicotine strength

Part I:

First, vape shops. Stop limiting nicotine strength with your product line. Remember who your first time customer is. If you have 0-9-12 but a customer would have succeeded with 14+ you’ve lost a customer. Sure, you sold them that bigass mod they were intimidated with and may never try again, but you’re paying bills. Stop that. Also look back up at #4.

Let Grandma feel comfortable. Stop scaring people.

Part II:

I know you’re living in a universe I left a few years ago, it’s nice to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there again. So, PEOPLE:


Stop saying that it is…

#SorryNotSorry I screamed at you.

Thank you.

#2. BE aware of the fight

If you are a vendor – are you a member of a trade organization?

If you are a consumer – are you a member of a consumer organization?

Is your shop a member of a trade organization? ASK THEM!

Links are all over this blog for those. No excuses.

Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Talk to your cat. Put a sign on your dog while you walk him. Talk to others walking their dogs. Everyone needs to know what the government is doing – or more appropriately, trying to keep us and others from having a choice.

#1. You’re not loud enough

Start knowing. If you don’t know, read. Ask questions. TALK to people. Be educated. If I don’t know something, I ask questions. Find valid sources for your questions about ANYTHING. Legislative, safety, ingredients, research, or other questions you have. Then get LOUDER.


Put up your dukes.

Don’t be shy.

Make some noise.


“Regulations should be based on evidence and the FDA doesn’t have the evidence to say that vaping is a harmful product.” ~ Congressman Tom Cole

The fight for ourselves is nowhere near the end. Educating EVERYONE from our local city government to the highest offices in the land is essential.

This is the most important thing in the United States at the moment for the vaping community:

Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) Discusses the Cole-Bishop Amendment with Nicopure Labs

Here as well:

Cole and Bishop Introduce The FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2017

Here as well:

Hope for vapers: New bill could halt FDA e-cigarette prohibition

Pending here:


My article on Vaping Media is here:

Vaping Regulations Should Be Based On Evidence: Cole-Bishop Amendment


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More to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.








15 thoughts on “Top 10 “things” that piss me off about #ecigs.”

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Re: No. 3 Part ii. “Nicotine is not addictive. Stop saying that”.

    Experts who work with nicotine on a daily basis state that it isn’t addictive. Dr. Paul Newhouse of Vanderbilt University, in clinical trials using never smokers, uses high strength nicotine patches for six months at a time to treat cognitive diseases e.g. Depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia and also Ulcerative Colitis and nobody becomes addicted or starts smoking.

    When pharma sought approval for long term and concomitant use of NRT, with other nicotine products (including cigarettes), they were given approval with no concerns for safety or abuse (addiction).

    Dr. Brian Moseley, a never smoker, made an Horizon television programme called Ecigarettes; Miracle or Menace? He had to vape a set number of times a day for a month. He didn’t become addicted.

    It seems that the majority of vapers, as they use superior devices, gradually lose their tolerance to nicotine. I started out on 24mg/ml and now use 6mg/ml. That isn’t addiction.

    There are also no studies proving that nicotine is addictive in humans and in animal studies, they had to be manipulated to take it. It’s considered safe enough to be given to 12 year olds, it’s been available over the counter in litre bottles and more of 72mg/ml for decades, NRT is available on supermarket shelves and if it was addictive it couldn’t be given to never smokers in numerous clinical trials because it wouldn’t be ethical.

    So it seems that in never smokers there’s no, or very little, potential for dependence. One school of thought is that MAOIs in cigarettes bind with the nicotine to create the addiction. As MAOIs aren’t in ecigs, it would explain why vapers lose their tolerance to nicotine and never smokers don’t become addicted.

    When patches and gum came out, suddenly the messages “nicotine is highly addictive” and “as addictive as cocaine and heroin” were ramped up in order to sell them and smokers trying to quit self reinforce those messages every day. This is a public health fail in my opinion, as that’s not how you go about helping someone to quit something. As NRT has a failure rate of around 95%, pharma and public health rely on keeping the myth of nicotine addiction alive and well and the majority of people believe it without question.

    Experts (On nicotine’s potential for dependence).

    Is Nicotine Addictive?

    The Truth About Vaping: The Nicotine Misconception

    1. YES! NRT is a failure because -nicotine isn’t the addiction! It IS a public healt fail, and it is sad. NO ONE will admit it. Funding andTAXES are the addiction and THEY need a 100 dollar bill patch…. 🙂

      1. Absolutely …. it’s all about the dollars and outdated, ideology driven useful idiots keeping up the front.

        Btw, I meant to say in my first comment: excellent post!!

      2. 🙂 Thank you. I did a “nicotine is not addictive” article on Blasting news a year or so ago and got roasted – because few know or believe it – it’s been pounded in our heads forever! Another – Brainy Furball – has had this as well on a facebook page….
        Thanks Lollylulubes!

      3. I was sure you knew that nicotine is not addictive, but I read your post as: “Nicotine is not addictive”. “Stop saying that”. Maybe to save confusion, could you write “Stop saying that it is”. Or is it just me? Lol

        And, yes, TC has done a great job, on behalf of pharma and their own bank balance, of social engineering the masses, including their peers and betters. I find the abuse from the indoctrinated awful sometimes because they don’t want to hear, or believe, the truth. What happened to open minds and research? I tried to tell a nurse friend over dinner recently that second hand smoke isn’t particularly harmful and that PH lie and spread junk science about vaping and she didn’t want to hear it at first. She was convinced that if scientists are given millions of dollars for research it will always be truthful. She was open mouthed by the time I’d finished telling her how hard we’re having to fight. But at least she and her GP husband were already aware of how much safer vaping is. Commonsense!

    2. Hi Lollylubes,

      I’ve been aware for a while that smoking reduced the incidence of some bowel problems, but I never thought about whether it was nicotine or some other constituent.

      Do you have a link to the work on Ulcerative Colitis?

      1. OK – I got AN answer – not what you were looking for exactly – but here’s his response :

        I have IBD, Crohn’s. Thought it was UC because it got worse when I quit smoking so I was Indeterminate Colitis for a few years (because it looked like CD but acted and responded like UC) but then my last scope changed me to definite Crohn’s. It’s only the first trial but it seems even on biologics I do better with nicotine. I’m special. Or maybe not so special because the warnings about smoking and Crohn’s is based on 34%, yes the minority does worse so everyone must quit smoking.

        No bias there (but because mmj doesn’t help 51% its not proven, no bias there either). The link on my Twitter page is to the best compilation of UC/nicotine studies. Also says no addiction problems.

        I’ve got a UC and smoking study but it was paywalled so I’d have to email it to you. I’ve heard of many with UC with colectomy surgery scheduled who had it canceled because they took up smoking. This is the only nicotine and Crohn’s study I’ve found,

        It’s enemas, you should see my vape tricks. Ecigs would be a great way to see what it is in smoking that helps UC. Note from the study nicotine alone didn’t help, it took nicotine and mesalamine (5ASA). Like with WTA they could isolate different compounds.

        One strong theory is it’s the CO in smoke. For IBS I’ve only heard anecdotes that it helps.

      2. Hi TheTacticalGrob,

        I only knew that Dr. Newhouse was doing clinical trials with nicotine and ulcerative colitis never smokers. You could search the various online medical journals like The BMJ, PubMed etc., for his work. I’ve been really busy, but did a quick search and found this. I hope it’s of some help to you.

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