A Threat to Public Health: Opinions.


The latest “display of incompetence” award from a major health organization goes to Harold Wimmer, National President & CEO of the American Lung Association (ALA). Wimmer takes diligent care with his opinion to a recent New York Times article, “The Assault on Health and Safety Begins”.

In response to the article, Wimmer stated (underlining is my emphasis)

“Under the guise of reform, the House passed the Regulatory Accountability Act, giving polluters and the tobacco industry free rein to avoid meaningful oversight, regardless of the effect on the health of Americans.”

The Public Health Circuscircus-gif

Wimmer, in his opinion, believes

“common-sense steps under the Tobacco Control Act to protect children from flavored e-cigarettes and cigars would be halted in their tracks.”

The Tobacco Control Act already prohibits sales to minors (now that vaping products are deemed “nicotine” and therefore “deemed” tobacco).

He’s also concerned that

“Trying to mislead the public to believe that this so-called reform legislation will improve accountability is not only disingenuous, but also a direct threat to the health of our most vulnerable Americans.”

I’d like to focus on you, Mr. Wimmer, and your so-called accountability and disingenuous motive as a direct threat to the health of adult American smokers who trust your organization.

Thanks to you, valiant efforts to encourage Americans to keep smoking based on your opinion, is working. Be proud, Mr. Wimmer.

Invalid Concerns, Ulterior Motive


According to the ALA website:

“The American Lung Association remains concerned about their impact on the public health, given the dramatic increase in use among youth.”

New Study Casts Serious Doubt on Claim that E-Cigarettes Lead to Youth Smoking

Instead, you should be focusing on

Smokers Who Switch to E-Cigarettes Exposed to Same Levels of Nicotine, Lower Carcinogen Levels

and this, among other things –

Lung function and respiratory symptoms in a randomized smoking cessation trial of electronic cigarettes.

Don’t get me started on nicotine.

The Litmus Test


Under my scrutiny, MY opinion – the least of your concerns, Mr. Wimmer, are the millions of adult smokers reading your “insight” and continuing to use tobacco because you omit and fabricate information – in your opinion.

Imagine, if the focus of less tobacco use was obtained using a litmus test. Imagine if less tobacco use was the goal and the criteria was less harm.

You have a captive audience, and you are deceiving them with your bias opinion. You are violating the public’s trust. You do that well with Pfizer as a partner.

Instead of trying to “save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease, through research, education and advocacy”  – and “to eliminate tobacco use and tobacco-related diseases” you are lacking integrity by

Withholding differential risk information on legal consumer nicotine/tobacco products: The public health ethics of health information quarantines

Focusing on harm


Imagine the steadfast opinions used for persuasion OF the public.

Merchants Of Doubt: How Public Health Uses Tobacco Tactics Against E-Cigarettes

Imagine placing the importance of fiscal health of an organization before public health so the public at large and unbeknownst to them faces settling for less.

Less Harm

Now, imagine the focus was just less smoking. Whether it would be snus, smokeless tobacco or e-cigarettes – and I’ll GIVE you the “government approved” traditional but much less effective options like the patch, gum, sprays or inhalers you promote.

Imagine if it included harm reduction.

Imagine 79% successful outcomes.

Imagine if you weren’t perpetuating the tragedy.

On the surface, with your title and contrived innuendo, are leading the public to believe you are “for the consumer”.

Mr. Wimmer, with your willful negligence by “trying to mislead the public to believe” your stance on “less tobacco use” – You and your organization are “a direct threat” to public health and smokers in the United States.

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4 thoughts on “A Threat to Public Health: Opinions.”

  1. Don’t you just love brain dead thinking expressed by those who only think they have the best ideas on what will work in… well not the better Public interest but apparently lining their own pockets? in those things that always seem to be far more benefit to Big $$$$$$ over actual concerns over Real World Health Matters that effect the Public in General?

    I have to say in review of your entire blog series to date you are putting more genuine efforts in to gather Actual Real World Facts compared to what the so called With Public Interests in Mind? agencies come out with! This is one of those prime examples! Keep up the good work to get some light out there on the entire subject of vaping!

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  2. See what makes me laugh is look at the description of Nicorette on the Nicorette website, Johnson n Johnson state 3 times in the description that they use and i quote “therapeutic Nicotine” they warn as if you get a splash of nic on your skin in the diluted premixes we buy that our skin will peel off and then tell you to stick a patch on yourself. Why is it called net when there’s Nic in it? Surely its tobacco replacement therapy?

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