Smokers quit smoking with e-cigarettes. I’m here to help.

cigarettes-chainsSmokers, you can quit smoking with e-cigarettes. Stop look for assistance from the Heart, Lung & Cancer Associations. They can’t trouble themselves to find ‘enough’ research -claiming they ‘don’t know enough’ -but are promoting regulations, resisting at any cost.

The United States government isn’t helping with their drawn out, unjustified process of regulations of vaping products.

I’m enraged witnessing the deliberate and conscious neglect from the public health sector denying less harm. Instead they insist you use the same “approved methods” that fail 93% of the time. Meanwhile, they claim they “don’t know enough” about vaping products.

That isn’t highly professional. They’ve been around more than ten years.  Wouldn’t they pursue knowing enough if they want to “help you” stop smoking? I think not.

I can do a better job than they won’t.

They are willfully withholding information from the public.

I have decided I must do it for them – and feel like I’m running out of time.

They are aiming at the wrong thing for the wrong reasons. They know why.


I find myself needing to focus on the estimated 40 million smokers in the United States. Then, only those who want to stop smoking but are afraid to try e-cigarettes. While waiting on, and in despair of outrageous regulations they can’t afford to comply with, vape shops are closing around you. Yes, you.

I’m challenging myself to concentrate on those who are wanting to stop/quit/switch (I’ll get to that switch in a minute). I’m looking for the smoker who can’t breathe. I’m searching for those who have tried everything else to stop and simply can’t.

I’ve been in those shoes. I tried to quit numerous times like most who try for various reasons. Patches and gums didn’t work. I finally quit trying to quit smoking – and as most do, resided to be a lifelong smoker.

While trying to find  a way to not quit smoking, I surprised the hell out of myself. I didn’t lose my professional smoker status! Suddenly, I found e-cigarettes accidentally.

Keep smoking if you like. I want smokers to understand I’m not a reformed smoker and understand personal choice. I understand from this source that 77% of smokers don’t want to quit.

I want you to know you have a choice.

I now also understand I need your help. I need you all to be pissed off. Tell your friends and relatives. Sharing is caring.

The government doesn’t want you to know

E-cigarette users enjoy 79% success without tobacco

Before you decide, educate yourselves. I highly suggest you join (free) the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association for education here: CASAA.

In order to make informed decisions

You must know

Professionals Doctors, Nurses, Researchers, Scientists  and Health Care workers

Approve of vaping products.

You must know

What is imperative in your journey towards success. Remember, the government won’t tell you – and public health doesn’t know enough!

You must use a taste you like, the strength of nicotine for your “throat hit” is paramount –  (smoke full flavor = higher nicotine strength – if you smoke lights/ultra-lights = lower nicotine strength) – & backups.

You do not need an expensive setup right away.

You must know

You can smoke and vape. In fact, I encourage it. “Dual-use“.

You must know

The word “switch” is essential. You must also understand the pleasure principle of vaping products, here David Dorn (who I admire greatly) will explain to you.

You must understand

Nicotine is not addictive. I know – relax. You’ve had it repeated to you over and again. Wikipedia’s definition of that is:

“Proof by assertion”, sometimes informally referred to as proof by repeated assertion, is an informal fallacy in which a proposition is repeatedly restated regardless of contradiction.

Dr. Brian Carter – from the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association speaks here at the 2016 Global Form on Nicotine.

If you don’t watch the video, here is a study Dr. Carter spoke of:

If the data contradict the theory, throw out the data: Nicotine addiction in the 2010 report of the Surgeon General

You must understand

The passion of Dr. Attila Danko explaining the vicious war against nicotine in Australia.

You must understand

This is your personal choice. If you don’t want to stop smoking, go here where I have links for smokers.

I try to educate, not judge.


Still not sure e-cigarettes can’t help you switch?

Read my survey results.

Take this assessment.

Look at the links on this blog.

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More to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.


5 thoughts on “Smokers quit smoking with e-cigarettes. I’m here to help.”

  1. I can relate to this story because i was a smoker my self back in the days like i was addicted to it because of it i got health issues than my friend suggest me to use vape as an alternative to smoking from then i never smoke and feel so much better now.


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