Richard Marx: Hold on to the tweet.


It seems Richard Marx has something to say to his fans about smoking and vaping. Marx, an iconic 80’s singer who filled the airwaves with hits like “Don’t Mean Nothing”, “Endless Summer Nights” and the ever popular “Hold On to the Nights”. Richard has a new single titled “Last Thing I Wanted”. The “last thing I wanted” was for Marx to pretend he’s an expert.

The explanation on Wikipedia does not mention that he’s a tobacco harm reduction expert. I however did notice he’s done some nice things along with benefit concerts for foundations, including the American Cancer Society on his biography page.


That makes me suspicious. Are they calling you to do their dirty work? Are you that important?

Either way – it must not be common knowledge, but if you’re an ’80’s pop icon you evidently have the right to be a judgemental prick. He decided he would give his thoughts on smoking and vaping with an aggressive and condescending tone as if he knew what he was singing about on his twitter account.

Dick had another hit back then called “Should’ve Known Better” (really).

richard marx douchey only.JPG

That statement is



In this instance below – after seeing Dick’s tweet, I thought – huh – maybe he “doesn’t know any better”. Far be it for ME to try to correct a celebrity, or an expert of any kind.

I’m like Geraldo Rivera, I try to engage with thoughtful tweets

(I’m VapingIT, SPE) by asking the TOUGH questions:

NO response. I know he did. I’ve seen videos. I was a fan.

The “Last Thing I Wanted” was for him to misinform his followers with a sad attempt at stupidity.

He gave “advice” to Donna’s response as if he were an expert.

I tweeted at Donna… thinking – he can’t be that stupid. .

At times, I’m – shall I say – clever and thought – to further catch Dick’s attention – I’d use the title of his new song and hope his alleged 100,000 followers would see the much more pertinent video from A Billion Lives in the process. You know, engage him.

Then, to be SURE he wasn’t confused, I tweeted this thoughtful and deep tweet.

He didn’t feed into my bad behavior. (Behaviour for you across the pond.) Although not with me specifically, Dick engaged with a few comments with a few twitter members who are vapers, and blocked.

Updated 01/22/017: Richard deleted this tweet:




But the text still shows up on my blog:






I’m not sure if Robert (below) is a vaper, but he explains why Dick was having trouble briefly here:

People love 2 believe what’s convenient 4 them“, Dick.

Some think Dick may have realized the error of his ways….for smokers and possible future vapers.

Stop being an idiot, Dick. If you want to learn about vaping products, I’ll be “Right Here Waiting For You”.


Added 01/27/17

More on Dick here from :

Richard Marx hates my guts


For the “record”, Dick is singing a new tune, and among other tweets, deleted his tweet:


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More to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.


“Douchey” Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.

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