Government strategies threaten smokers and public health


Many smokers are choosing to change their habits, and it’s no surprise the tobacco control and public health “experts” are gloating with the lowest rates in history. In fact, this gives accolades to President Obama, while he was allegedly sneaking a smoke and chewing his nicotine cud for “his role” in reducing tobacco consumption.

There are “atta-boys”, awards & slapping each other on the back in public, while long standing strategies have been in place to keep people smoking in the name of recurring revenue.

Royalties for a job “well done“.

I assume I should be inclined to be impressed with all the good work anti-nicotine tobacco zealots (ANTZ) claim to be “doing” to promote less harm in the United States. I’m not. Not that the proverbial statement of “less harm” would be easy to find, but I digress.

The exaggerations were, after all, out of and promoted by control.

Money over health

The U.S. economy can’t have funding from smokers drop to a mere 15% and continue navigating control of tobacco funds.

“Because tobacco is a lucrative and heavily taxed product, governments that both regulate tobacco and require tax revenue will always be ambivalent in their attitudes toward tobacco consumption and cessation.” from this:

The Master Settlement Agreement and Its Impact on Tobacco Use 10 Years Later

Show me the money

The cash in the well is dwindling, the bucket shows signs of dry rot. That simply can not happen, too much is at stake. WHAT are they to do? Quickly demonize vaping products like they’ve done with cigarettes for years.

What else cold they do? Define the chemical nicotine as tobacco and scurry along by regulating e-cigarettes “like tobacco” to keep their cash crop. Counterproductive ingenuity, eh? That’s a win/win and it keeps investors happy.

It’s almost as if the “goal” of tobacco control has a vested interest to both ridicule and tax the smoker who’s willing to pay just enough to keep them smoking, and force the “poor” into submission to use “approved” yet ineffective profitable alternatives rather than less harmful solutions.


Body Parts

In the United States, the *body part associations (- thank you *David Goerlitz) including the Heart, Lung & Cancer associations and Tobacco Free Kids continue a crusade with the government agencies like the FDA, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to keep the public smoking…  while using the illusion of protecting the children (and adults) to keep them from smoking.

Now there is a movement to raise the age of tobacco (and vaping products) purchases to 21. That’s ironic, since laws are well in place to keep children from lawfully purchasing these items, their efforts admittedly haven’t worked according to them.


Less Harm

With unlawful, rampant corruption and manipulation by the likes of the Food and Drug Administration, you can’t expect truth. Talk of a strategic tobacco “end-game” while using smokers as pawns and a punchline. You think by now there would be ONE organization in the United States to stand out from the crowd FOR the public and say “wait a minute, e-cigarettes are less harmful and must be included in our ‘arsenal’ to reduce tobacco use.”

They’ve been hiding things from you.

This, from Brad Rodu, is one example.

FDA Tobacco Director Ignores 2.5 Million “Anecdotal Reports” About E-cigarettes

Here is another:

Why is the FDA dragging its feet on admitting snus is safer than smoking?

Here in part is sort of an example via Ruth Malone:

“The controversy over e-cigarettes, for example, has created multiple lines of division among public health proponents. This disunity does not serve well the advancement of new policy measures to end the epidemic. Yet, e-cigarettes and the burgeoning list of other non-combustible tobacco and nicotine products could represent potential leverage for accomplishing what once seemed unthinkable: phasing out combustible cigarettes, the single most deadly consumer product ever marketed.”

The Race to a Tobacco Endgame


What I have learned

Smokers. I didn’t realize the rights I didn’t have. I didn’t realize where the evil and condescending tone I put up with for years had come from. You have the right to choose. I was a die-hard “professional” smoker who never intended to quit, and do not subscribe to “recruiting” anyone to switch, just to properly inform if desired.

You have choices to continue smoking. You have the option to switch to other alternatives. I was a smoker for 30+ years, and while I now know quite a bit about lies on vaping products, I only know the tip of the lies being told about smoking. I also, for lack of expressing myself as eloquently as Paul, consider myself for most of my life not knowing better, now I am one of us.

I’m always learning and shocked to see extensive data on what smokers AND the public have (tobacco related deaths) been told to believe. I was convinced smoking causes lung cancer, for example. I was also coerced into believing nicotine was addictive.

Now, in my “travels” across the internet, I’m much more inclined to believe less quickly and “listen”. As an example, these tweets are from someone I follow (and admire) on twitter who keeps ME informed.

Added 8/20/17

A Smoker’s Manifesto

Well beyond excellent from Frank Davis.

Stellar, in fact.

A Smoker’s Manifesto


Added 9/9/2017

Nicotine – The Zombie Antidote

Saw this in a Facebook group I belong to  – from 2012.

An excellent perspective from Gabriela Segura, M.D:

“My aim here is to defend the rights of people who choose to smoke. It may surprise you to know that, while the percentage of the population that smokes has declined in recent years (due to government propaganda), the incidence of heart disease has not declined. The reason, shock! horror! is that smoking is not the real problem to begin with!”

Nicotine – The Zombie Antidote


Other places I visit and recommend.

TobakkoNacht — The Antismoking Endgame

If you’re interested in learning about vaping products:

Added 01/31/2018:

CDC director quits after report about stock ownership


Rampant Antismoking Signifies Grave Danger: Materialism Out of Control

In case the above link doesn’t work:

Rampant Anti Smoking

A Billion Lives

E-cigarette NEWS you can use… every day ~ Monday thru Friday ~ is here from my friends across the pond at


Added 12/28/2016 from Talking Liberties:

The Pleasure of Smoking


Added 01/08/2017

You’ll LOVE the “symptoms”.

Tobacco Use Disorder DSM-5 305.1 (Z72.0) (F17.200)







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