We need to SHOW NO MERCY with the FDA and ANYONE or ANY “organization”, politician, or group supporting regulations.


Has vaping “saved your life”?

I hear that – now act like that. Advocacy, or activism, is an absolute necessity. I remember when it wasn’t “cool” to be an advocate…. when much fewer understood the words “regulate, restrict, tax & ban”, especially in the United States.

I remember someone saying quite some time ago that I was “over the top” on twitter. I understood the perception. It’s all good. I still think I’m too nice. The “good vaper”.  🙂

How much aggression is too much when something saved your life and shops are now CLOSING.

If you’ve come around to the dark side, good. I’ve seen evidence of that in some Facebook groups and I’m giddy.

If you haven’t, pay attention. It’s deep, dark and well within the realms of hell here, folks.

Two distinct videos have appeared this week. First, from A Billion Lives. This film is an indisputable and extraordinary part of this fight. It’s an INDEPENDENT film. NO Hollywood backing. PLEASE, show them some support.

Intrigued? WANT them in your market? GO HERE to Phil.

Public perception and legal battles are the two components we have right now. Evidently, there are some others paying attention. Is it “too little to late”? I DON’T think so, and I’m not shutting UP. You?

This one from the Capital Research Center surprisingly crossed my eye this morning. Dr. Steven J. Allen does have some points of the CDC, creating vaping products with the rise of “tobacco use” being contrived at best. “Whodathunkit”:

And they HAVE.


Speaking of showing NO MERCY:

Dimitris Agrafiotis

is one person showing no mercy. He just came back from China speaking to manufacturers about our FIGHT. He’s here speaking about the predicate date and the URGENCY of the Cole-Bishop Amendment.

About our safe word, Dimi.

Stefan Didak

is out in sunny California, where evil resides, (Glantz & Leno, not Stefan) there is Prop 56. Stefan Didak cannot, by nature, show mercy and is another fighting with

Where is my bobblehead-doll?

Greg Conley

is another of the MANY frequent Miles High vaping club, he is friggin’ EVERYWHERE, and is with the American Vaping Association. He HAS NO MERCY and is with others are getting ready for the FIGHT.

I think that’s him knocking at your door as we speak, Surgeon General. Get the door.

There are THOUSANDS of advocates showing no mercy. I couldn’t possibly name them all.

If you can’t donate money, donate your time. WRITE your congressman. MAKE phone calls. TALK to your friends, family, the neighbors dog or anyone else who are non-smokers. Make some NOISE.


Join CASAA, the Vaping Militia,  join a state group.

DO SOMETHING. NOW. SHOW everyone else “vaping saved my life”.

David Goerlitz said “the gloves are off”. I’m with David. The FDA and ANYONE supporting regulations, needs to go DOWN for the count.



THESE are national consumer and industry organizations in the United States who keep US informed.

You can find me here on Facebook

You can find me here on  Twitter

E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

If you are a Medical Professional  go HERE.

Full article from Capital Research *1st video above here:

The e-cigarette ban: A win for liars and big tobacco.

Full article on Fat Cat Vapors via here:

Chris Hughes fights the power in Pennsylvania

More to come!

Keep ON #Vaping On.



5 thoughts on “SHOW NO MERCY.”

  1. So awesome. Makes my blood boil that they have gone this far. Thank you Dimitris and all of you hard core advocates for showing me, no showing us the way to fight back.

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  2. It’s not how you fight! ( we all play a part, growing pains are part of the process ) It’s not why you fight! WTF, you were a smoker. You found a way out that just so happens to be the same way as the rest of us. )

    ” It’s what will happen if you fail to join the fight!” The enemy is not on our side …..remember! ”

    Thanks for sharing. Keep it coming Kevin. No fat ladies singing on this blog! 😉

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