You can’t do that any more.

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You’ve been helping people choose to switch from tobacco. You’ve created jobs. Most owners I “know” have been inspired to create a business – to help others – because of how easy it was to switch to e-cigarettes for themselves. You chose to open a legitimate business. In the process, you’ve made friends, changed lives, and in fact saved lives.

You’ve given people hope by assisting in the choice to do what they, and you yourself have tried for years to accomplish. To stop smoking.

The Government has decided ruled you haven’t been doing your job properly. If you’re a business, and by business – I mean a real vape shop, paying overhead, insurance, taxes and abiding by the rules, this is what you’re facing.

I’ve said inspiration for each blog comes from many places and in this case, this is more of an impromptu guest blog by me for these two folks, and for all of you who are in this position. Shops are going to CLOSE.

I could not put into words what Skip & Tom Murray have penned below, and I wish I didn’t have to.

Via Tom & Skip Murray:

Effective Aug 8th!
Due to the FDA Deeming Regulations….
**** Disclaimer – I am not an attorney. Do not take this as any type of legal advice. Consult your own attorney for their interpretation of the FDA regs or ask the FDA directly yourself. What is below is what is happening in OUR shop, things may be different in YOUR shop.****

1) We can not build or install coils for you.
2) We can not set up your new equipment for you.
3) We can not repair your equipment for you.
4) We can not upgrade your mods software.
5) We can not fill your tank with liquid.
6) We will no longer have house liquids in bulk bottles. You can no longer have us mix flavors or do a custom nicotine level for you.
Doing any of the above would make us a tobacco manufacturer!

1) We can NOT let you sample liquids for free.
2) Our rewards program will change – NO more free bottles of liquid in exchange for points
3) We will NEVER again have a drawing for door prizes. (we don’t want somebody accusing us of giving away “free” tobacco products)
4) We can NOT give you a sticker or t-shirt or anything else as a promo or to make something right (no coils, no liquid, no chargers, nothing “free” from us. Again – don’t want to be accused of something being interpreted as a “free tobacco product” or violating any regulations to do with advertising.
Doing any of these things would make us a criminal – the FDA says
NO MORE FREEBIES OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS!!! All advertising must have warnings in a certain location and of a certain size.

We need YOUR help to fight for YOUR right to Vape!!!!
Please go to and become a member. It’s FREE!

The clock starts ticking August 8, 2016 – in 2 years, everything in this shop is illegal to sell, unless the manufacturer spends probably millions $ to TRY to get FDA approval. NOTHING in this shop is grandfathered in under the new regulations – NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING!
Please help lobby for ALL current products to be grandfathered in at:

As of August 8, 2016 – you will see no NEW products introduced into the USA Vaping Market. NONE – any new product will have to spend $millions on testing to TRY to get FDA approval. No new mods, no new tanks, no new RDA’s, and NO NEW E-LIQUIDS OR FLAVORS!!!!!!!!!!!

As of August 8, 2016 – we can not say “smoke free, healthier, alternative to smoking, safer, saves lives” or make any other statements about the safety or advantages to vaping over smoking. WE HAVE HAD OUR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH TAKEN AWAY BY THE FDA! They say there is no PROOF to our claims, and such claims as a TOBACCO PRODUCT must be approved by the FDA.

As of August 8, 2016 EVERYTHING in our shop (except lanyards) IS A TOBACCO PRODUCT. If you are under the age of 27 – I will ask for your ID Every time you enter my shop, even if you are a regular customer. It will speed things up if you just show it to me when you get here.

Please join the legal battle to fight the FDA! Lawsuits have been filed. If you’ve got an extra couple of $$, please throw it in the bright orange donation bucket on the counter. The funds will go to the R2B Smokefree coalition’s legal fund. ‪#‎ABillionLives‬ are counting on you!!!

~ Tom Murray, Owner
JHT Vape – Brainerd
JHT Vape – Maplewood

PLEASE see this:

UPDATED 01/13/17

Good news for vape shops (and it’s from the FDA!)

Added 12/20/16

FDA still hasn’t busted a vape shop for sales to minors

The FDA link:

Interpretation of and Compliance Policy for Certain Label Requirement; Applicability of Certain Federal Food, D rug, and Cosmetic Act Requirements to Vape Shops

If you are making product in your basement and are a fly-by-night “vendor” who has chosen not to become a real business, not taken any risk and “doesn’t understand” the severity and weight portrayed above, get off my page and kiss my ass.

If you are part of the government and “happen” to see this blog, you can also kindly bob up and kiss my ass.

Thank you Skip & Tom Murray, for your gracious permission and allowing me the “Stealing, snagging, poaching, using, tweeting, screaming, blogging, stomping & generally making an ass of myself as usual” with the use of your facebook post.

Updated 9/15/16:

It is illegal to sell vaping products to minors as it is DEEMED by the F.D.A. a “tobacco product”.

Warning letters have been sent out here to fifty-five of those including Walgreen’s, in violation of underage sales.

Products MUST comply with the The Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act of 2015, via S.F.A.T.A..

Via Daniel Hall: You’re susceptible to JAIL TIME for quitting smoking in Pennsylvania

SUPPORT and SCREAM about A Billion Lives to EVERYONE.

Update 1/27/17

US FDA (Finally) Explains Deeming Regulations and Unties the Hands of Vaping Industry


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Keep ON #Vaping On.


18 thoughts on “You can’t do that any more.”

  1. This is complete lies vamping had saved so many lives and the tobacco companies are paying the FDA so they can stay up on there money cause they have lost so much money and so money is more important than people’s lives appearantly

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  2. i just went to my local vape shop and the guy was like sorry I cant clean or fill your tank I was like why? You always do he said starting today I no longer can do that for my customers Sorry

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  3. Can’t believe the government is more concerned about the money they will earn than focus on finding an alternative to lessen the use of cigarettes that will only bring cancer to the society. I think the vaping community has all the right to fight what is good for the people so I support you guys. Keep on vaping!

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