FDA: You’ve got questions, “it” mocks you with answers!


The FDA made their business decision(s) about e-cigarettes long ago, and brilliantly convinced the public at large of the “government stance” on e-cigarettes. Now, appearances must be kept up. My assessment is that the intern – crack staff –  Mitch Zeller – can’t do anything but give canned responses to anything.

When “the government” – as an entity with no emotion, feeling or common sense – takes the stance that “ecig regulations are about public health”, they’re lying to the public. Regulations on e-cigarettes are without question or debate, a fiscal decision. What the FDA and “government” will not recognize refuses to recognize is – while they’ve already  made the decision, they’re failing smokers, and making a mockery of people’s lives.


On to the frivolity!

If you ask the FDA twitter account a question in a tweet –@FDATobacco “it” will may respond. Maybe. Seems ~it~ is temper mental with the information. Not giving real world answers, there are obvious, no.. oblivious, no insidious just answers ready to go when it wants to.

An agent (who shall remain nameless) :), has compiled this list of “responses” from our favorite FDATobacco ‘bot’ on Twitter. I’ve placed a random answer from the FDA “bot” below each “question” directly from the Twitter account. It’s kind of like playing “Jeopardy”. Some answers don’t correspond to the “question” or comment –  although the answers were obviously responded to by “keywords”.



(Don’t bother asking FDA, just find the answer below that most closely answers your question.)

Answer :

“After reviewing comments & scientific evidence, FDA sees no appropriate public health justification to exclude premium cigars”

Now it’s not –just the @FDATobacco twitter account, it’s also the @US_FDA account.



All tobacco products are potentially harmful & addictive. Those who do not use tobacco products should continue to abstain


Consumers used #ecigs w/out knowing ingredients, production practices & potential danger. Regulation allows consumer education


#Ecig regulations aren’t a ban; they allow manufacturers to apply to have #ecigs brought to, or stay on, the market.


#Ecigs contain nicotine derived from tobacco so they are a “tobacco product” & are regulated as one


Exposure to nicotine during adolescence can make it easier for youth to get addicted to nicotine.


FDA’s mission is to protect Americans from #tobacco-related disease & death. Regulation will have a positive impact.


It’s never safe for youth to use any tobacco products.


Please refer to our small business guidelines for newly regulated products: http://1.usa.gov/24yF7jb


Regulating all tobacco products will have a positive impact on the nation’s health. That is the motivation for this action.


Regulation allows FDA to fully understand the public health impact of the use of newly regulated products.


Regulation helps FDA discern impact of newly-regulated tobacco products on cessation, dual-use, & transition to other products.


Regulation & the PMTA pathway allow FDA to receive info on ingredients in newly regulated products.


Science-based regulation helps reduce the public health burden of tobacco use by requiring premarket review of new products.


Some ecigs contain nicotine. Exposure to nicotine during adolescence can make it easier for youth to get addicted to nicotine


The FDA lacks the authority to change the grandfather date as the law is written


The new rule does not eliminate any class of currently marketed tobacco products, including e-cigarettes


The new rule includes provisions for small-scale tobacco product manufacturers (<150 employees & <$5 mil annual revenue).


The rule provides pathways for #ecig manufacturers to apply for authorization to sell their products: http://1.usa.gov/24yF7jb


To protect public health, all #tobacco products are being regulated to ensure they are in compliance with safety standards


Under the Tobacco Control Act, FDA may not eliminate any class of tobacco products


We share statistics and findings from credible sources. You can view the sources for the new rule here: http://1.usa.gov/27hLO83


Didn’t find an answer that fits your question? Is the answer to your question too embarrassing for FDA to state publicly. Then this is the answer for you:


Great question–we’d like to answer your question in depth. Please contact CTP at AskCTP@fda.hhs.gov or 1-877-287-1373



Bottom line? The FDA is giving the illusion of engagement. Typical government propaganda.

You may get an answer to your question, but, my fair weathered fellow twitter friends, like David Goerlitz, the “Former Winston Man” already said in 2014…it’s long been decided.


“It” is following a script.

You’ll do as you’re told.



“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ― George Orwell

It’s not like there is any

corruption going on at the FDA.


Below is a list I compiled – retracted – of what was used mentioning “e-cigarettes” in the US regulations.

(Reasonably obtainable scientific, technical, economic and other information)

The FDA’s complete list is here in Section “XXII” References: page 443).

While there were “279 sections” within section XXII, I wanted to see exactly WHAT references they used with e-cigarettes only,  a couple links I tried were ALREADY going to “dead links” –   One from (dead link) Health Canada and one from (dead link) Senator Malarkey Merkley.


Here is my PDF of Ecigarette studies mentioned in the USA regulations:

Here is a “DropBox” version:




If you’re new to or considering vaping as an alternative to tobacco and want research:

E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

 If you are a Medical Professional  go HERE.


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Keep ON #Vaping On.

2 thoughts on “FDA: You’ve got questions, “it” mocks you with answers!”

  1. This is funny, even though I think I’m crying more than laughing at this point! As a nonvaper, I keep asking the FDA questions on why they would enact this ban, and all but ensure that my son be exposed to secondhand smoke we could have avoided it e-cigarettes were allowed to continue innovating and developing. That doesn’t even count all my friends who might actually life long healthy lives because they were able to quit. I’ll just keep waiting for the FDA to address my questions… cricket… cricket….

    1. YES, crickets! LOL!
      The enactment of regulations by the FDA will do three things.

      1. Give the general public the illusion that it is the same as tobacco, keeping those who might have chosen to quit smoking the feeling that it is the same, when we know better – and keep – what they “claim” they want them to stop – smoking.

      2. Create revenue taxing it as a tobacco (milk is not beef) product.

      3. Regulate innovation and progress into non-existence, keeping the tobacco companies both in business and in charge.

      Many other aspects, but those three things are quite sad.

      Thanks, Amber!

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