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I’ll keep this shorter than my usual tirades. Suddenly, something is amiss. The FDA has released their regulations. They have classified nicotine as a TOBACCO product. The FDA has decided deemed what is best for you and “public health”.

Claiming they are “protecting the youth” of the country, the FDA has now gained the well-being control of the American public and the nicotine market. The regulations to classify nicotine as a tobacco product do not give THEM the authority to tax it as tobacco, rest assured, that’s coming nationwide. (Already has in some spots).

As an added bonus, you are now classified as tobacco users. Your insurance can now legally charge you that nifty tobacco surcharge. Looking for a new job? Now you’re a “tobacco user“, so you may not qualify.

We can trust the FDA, right?

Former FDA Commissioner Charged in RICO Lawsuit



Across the pond

The Royal College of Physicians released their report

endorsing vaping, although not “perfect”, some media coverage was given. It is being completely ignored by the United States dictatorship Government.

Are you baffled?




Pissed off?

Good. Now do something about it. Get your bat. If you haven’t already, join CASSA.

Join the Vaping Militia.

This is the “petition” you need to act on, encouraging your family members and friends is a must.

Petition Your Legislator NOW to Support HR 2058!




If you’re in ANY vape shop in the United States and they aren’t telling you about this, find out WHY they are not talking informing you and EVERY customer.

If your local/online vape shop is not a member of at LEAST one state or national industry organization to contribute to this FIGHT, cease doing business with them.



Walk away. Find one that is.


A Billion Lives

With great anticipation, A Billion Lives will premier their documentary 11 May, 2016 at the Doc Edge festival in New Zealand.  Corruption:




The U.S. Government is FAILING smokers who want to quit.

The Royal College of Physicians have ENDORSED vaping.

Here are the deeming U.S. “regulations“.



Please, if you’re in the USA, take this survey

I strongly suggest Mit Brickman’s “Rise of the adults in vaping“.


More to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.



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