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Ahhhh … spring time is apon us, American vapers. Time to set your spring break vacation, maybe take a flight to the “A Billion Lives” PREMIER in Wellington?  Maybe strut your swag like shirts or hoodies… worn of course with pride? Good for you. You of course, know security is tight enough in any airport, so plan ahead.

Get your toothbrush, your best shoes and – well – maybe think about dusting off that Zippo – and stop by the local quickmart – grab yourself a carton of smokes – don’t bother bringing your #ecig. You “could” buy some disposable cigalike when you land – maybe – wherever you’re going – but you’re not getting yours on the plane.

Senator Blumenthal has decided to submit an amendment to amend an amendment.

This amendment to the amendment will now PROHIBIT the carrying of vaping devices in checked baggage and carry on luggage (on planes if you need to know.)

(Photo credit CASAA)
The CASAA website said this:
“If this amendment is accepted, vapers will be forced to leave their batteries and devices at home or surrender them at TSA checkpoints before being allowed through security.This would impose a completely unwarranted and unnecessary expense on travelers who vape.”

You could go here to contact DICK Senator Blumenthal directly to explain how his amendment makes you happy:

Senator Blumenthal

You should go to the CASAA site and take appropriate action:

National Call to Action – Take action to oppose a ban on flying with vapor products!
You could go here here as well.


VENDORS: The SFATA statement is here:

URGENT: US Senate May Consider Ban of E-cigs in Carry On Bags

What are YOU doing to advocate for yourselves? For future generations?

Did you see what Phil said here?

There’s a thousand more words within this post I could use. Type until my fingers bleed… Bottom line? You don’t have an excuse not to act. We’re STILL not loud enough, and “they” are NOT afraid. I’d rather you get off your ass, quit “lying on the table”…scroll back up, and do something.


Be certain and without doubt, the health “professionals” and politicians in the United States certainly are doing what they can.




More to come.


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