Advocate of the year……….


The Global Forum on Nicotine has just finished taking nominations for Advocate of the year. Last year, this organization, (GFN) named Jens Mellin (Germany) and Professor Bernd Mayer (Austria) advocates of the year here.

Such a tough call, voting. The world of vaping is FULL of individuals who advocate. There are such stellar and dedicated people and organizations with outstanding people. Some you know, some you don’t. Some you see in passing on a tweet or post on Facebook or Twitter. Some you don’t like because of what they said. Some you do like because of what they said.

That is what makes advocating both interesting, important, educational and as long as engagement keeps continuing, we’re going to learn from each other. Really.

When something “rubs” the wrong way, breathe for a moment and try to understand the point of view… it’s astounding what I’ve seen & thought about even when it momentarily rubbed me the wrong way – and suddenly, an epiphany. Well, more like a dim light bulb.

I can’t possibly name every single person out there I’ve come to admire… but for instance:

Granny Louisa. David Dorn. Paul. Ray Yates. Broony. Clive Bates. Agent Ania. Drma. Jim McDonald. Lisa Belle. Paula Principino. Greg Baughman. Lorien Jollye. Sarah. Jude Nunga. Fleabag Lady. A.J. Moll. Neal. John Summers. Alan Beard. Joe Gitchell. BSP. Brian Coe. Mark Pillion. Rob Clive Hayes. Tara A. Cigar Babe. John Magill. Melody Chard. Dick Puddlecoat. Andy Morrison. Bruce Rogers. Chris Hughes. Gregory Conley. Wayne. Kelli Forbes. Carl Phillips. Robert Mrówczyński. Stefan Didak. Will Cohen. Mr & Mrs VaEHp. Bruce Nye. Dena Crossman. Neal Roff. “The” (my own emphasis) Fergus Mason. Chris Price. Andy Oakley. Dr. Farsalonis. Meg (who’s been quiet lately). Dave Chase. Phil Busardo. Norbert Zillatron. J G Lenders. Aaron Biebert. Dr Danko. Atakan Befrits. Dr. Gopal. Jessica Harding. Dr. Glover. Kenneth Burkhardt. Robert Innes. Markse. David Newell. Dimitris. Stubacca. Shannon. Stephen Miller. John Huck. J. Ervin Bates. Charlene Haste. Amy Brewster Lane. Ed West. Janine Good. Jerry Izzo. Brent Stafford. Brad Rodu. Deb Iten….

….just to name a few. I can’t possibly name everyone – these are just a few off the top of my head. That’s a pretty impressive and diversified list of individuals. We all go about our way of advocating, crossing cultures & differences of opinion, but with the same common goal.

That to me, is a good thing. As long as we’re learning from each other, and ourselves. Some are just like me. Jobs, family – some are more -pfffft-“famous”. We all have a common goal.

Thank YOUbecause whether you’re named above or not, YOU are the advocate of the year.  YOU are doing what you do for the future of vaping. I’ve said I don’t always know if I’m doing what I do “properly” here, but I’m not sitting on my ass without a fight…


Update 6/25/16:

Global Forum on Nicotine Advocates of the year 2016:

Stefan Didak, Louise Ross, Clive Bates:

Finally – I woke up this morning with this blog above the line in my head – ready to go out tonight. Now, when I did wake up this morning, I saw an ever-so-important and quite well put Facebook post out by none other than Phil Busardo. Without my 7th cup of coffee in me at that point- , I hastily copied the Facebook post, pasted it to the blog  – and decided to delete it, finding he’d already put it on his blog. I’ve decided to add it below, where it deserves your utmost attention:

Wake Up.

Thank you, Phil.


Advocating Via Bruce Nye:

ASSI – Assessment Tool for Anti-Nicotine and Tobacco Zealots


Via Clive Bates:

Memo to public health grandees: vaping, vapers and you


Via Chris Price (of

This is my babbling from past posts about advocacy here, here & here.

The “10 names to know” list came out from Vape News Magazine

Vaping Personalities: 10 Names to Know In the VAPE WORLD

More to come.

Keep on #vaping ON.


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5 thoughts on “Advocate of the year……….”

  1. I definitely nominate Ray Yeates, he advocates while he sleeps I swear. As well, as Kellie Ann Forbes for her passion to the cause.

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