Public Health Or Harm: Subliminal fear.



They love to control. They love to lie, and they are using these tactics to coerce the entire world about e-cigarettes and vaping being “just like smoking” and “as bad as smoking”. This has to stop. The “Tobacco Control” world, and public health for the most part, have found themselves being caught in too many lies, and it’s catching up with them.

We’re nowhere NEAR out of the woods yet, they’re not running out of ideas to deter both the non-smokers who don’t know better, and the current smoker not able to determine their choices through the lies they are spewing. We need to change that, but first:

If you got your last flu shot during the last flu “season”, (my Mother gets a shot faithfully every year, and every year she gets the flu) imagine for a moment your decision was just a product of government manipulation. Public health officials at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) may be ARE influencing your decision.

From the messages instilled in your mind, you might be coerced into believing every word they say. Those in charge of the best interest of public health are convincing you of what you need, and this report tells all as to how they coerce you. I’m not saying all those “free” shots are unnecessary, I’m saying they are coerced.

It seems Dr. Tom Frieden and the CDC, in their efforts to discredit vaping with a slew of misinformation will catch up with them eventually, despite their effort to distort the truth. Until then, they’re using the SAME tactics.


Speaking of subliminal messages…

In other news, the World Health Association (W.H.O.) had a press release on 1 February, 2015 about tobacco in movies. Now, against strong advisement from my own council, (you know who you are 🙂 ) I have decided not only to mention W.H.O., but wanted to add this idiotic buffoon, Professor GlANTZ.

Although he doesn’t say he’s part of the lawsuit, he’s not saying he’s not. I’m thinking he wants to keep himself “relevant”. The way he gleefully mentions his Smoke Free Movies campaign makes it appear he wants to be a part of the February 25, 2016″ National class-action lawsuit filed against Hollywood for negligently rating movies with smoking PG and PG-13“, filed by Keller Grover, LLC.

The suit claims tobacco placement in movies has “caused the tobacco addiction of 1.1 million U.S. children and adolescents in the years 2012-2015 alone”.  I’m curious as to how the five-million dollars the suit is asking for will be divvied up, and to whom. 1.1 million children will -evidently- split at the astounding amount of $4.54 each, not enough to buy a movie ticket. Because it’s about public health, the suit, according to GlANTZ, is “also seeking a R-rating for new movies with smoking”.

This lawsuit, at least for those in tobacco “control”, not only shows the lack of honest-to-goodness effort to “fight” tobacco control pretending to be fought, it shows tobacco control may very well be hanging on to the last  few threads of feeling important in their spiraling and out of control effort to be in control.

While this lawsuit may bring some minor awareness of tobacco control itself to the forefront, it seems my other pal Simon Chapman in 2011, thought this through here.  I never thought I’d type these words: Simon Chapman may be right.

I do not for one second want kids to start smoking, (or vaping) but do not believe cigarettes in movies make kids smoke any more than they want to drive fast, do drugs, fly or have any other type of activity they’ve seen. Look back up, those movies mentioned are rated PG-13 & PG. Parental guidance is suggested. I must ask as I often do, where are the parents?

I haven’t seen a movie in a theater in quite some time, but I’m anticipating one myself, and I’m taking my children as well.

Speaking of going to court: New York City Judge, Rules Vaping is Not Smoking


A lot has happened since my last blog – and you may have some homework to do. The following links are to keep vaping alive.

If you are a vendor….

it is imperative you are up to date on these issues and make your customers aware of them – or your hindsight will be “out of business”.

I STRONGLY suggest U.S. Vape shops – brick & mortar AND online vendors are or become members of either the American Vaping Association (AVA) AND/OR the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA). They work both together AND with the consumer groups to keep us, the consumers, abreast of pending legislation and are FIGHTING their asses off in court, in meetings with legislators, and fighting along side US.

Never in my 48+ years have I seen so much interaction from an organization as I have from these folks, both on twitter and facebook from their representatives with consumers.

If you’re a consumer….

and your favorite place to purchase your gear/liquid isn’t telling customers with signs, emails, printed on the receipt, blasting on a screen at their shop, SOMETHING to tell the customers about what is at stake, find ANOTHER shop. Really. If they’re an online vendor, they should prominently display the issues as well.

They can’t talk about ANYTHING in Quebec, Canada. It’s ILLEGAL.


Battery safety (Part I) with THE Fergus Mason:


YOU have choices for information! Utilize them ALL!


Outside the U.S.A.? Organizations worldwide are here.

One more thing. Thanks to all of you who fight.

Please, blow social media UP. Tell your non-smoking – non-vaping friends & family members about A Billion Lives.


I’m also here on Blasting News.

H.R. 2058 is up to now 50 supporters.

My challenge to ANY public health professional that nicotine is not addictive on it’s own.


E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

Medical Professionals  go HERE.

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More to come!

Keep ON #Vaping On.



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