Smokers: Will You Quit Smoking In 2016? A New Year’s Resolution, An E-Cigarette Revolution




A popular New Year’s resolution is to stop smoking. Millions of Americans have quit smoking with an e-cigarette despite a desperate onslaught of organizations and government campaigns trying to convince you otherwise. Journalists copy and paste the same information in their reports with little or no research. Use of e-cigarettes has overtaken the world, and users who have reduced or stopped smoking with e-cigarettes have started a revolution.

Here’s the rest of that from me:

Smokers: Will You Quit Smoking In 2016?

A New Year’s Resolution, An E-Cigarette Revolution

“When it comes to e-cigarettes and the honesty for harm reduction, most of those in the tobacco control field are tilling the land for the next crop of smokers.”

More of that here:

Smoking Addiction, A Vested Interest and the Tobacco Control Goal

E-cigs Undermining the Goal of Tobacco Harm Reduction as War Between Big Tobacco and E-cigs Rages on


A superb article From Shannon:

The Life Cycle of a Public Health Revolution

FDA rule threatens to wipe out US e-cigarette industry and hand market to Big Tobacco



From the one and only, Fergus Mason

Scientists condemn new e-cig study, but media seems uncritical

A new paper claims vaping makes it HARDER to quit smoking. Experts are outraged – journalists are silent


on shallow reporters:

New e-cig study reveals crisis in journalism

Instead of researching their stories to find out the truth, too many journalists rely on press releases. We need a return to proper reporting.

On Nicotine:

Nicotine – from villainous to valuable?

Parkinson’s disease researchers are becoming more confident that nicotine, the addictive drug in cigarettes, could be key to keeping sufferers healthy


New study shows e-cigs are safer than tobacco smoke…

…but scientist and journalists ignore the inconvenient truth, and say something completely different


The rise of the health jihadists

Some public health activists are forgetting that they serve the people, and are trying to control them instead


Now, more from me:


Motives Of Professor Glantz, Organizations In Question As Anti E-Cig Campaigns Rage On

Meta-Analysis of e-cig success poorly conducted. Tactics, Agendas & Lack Of Science To Blame


E-Cigarette Users To Politicians In 2016 Elections: I Vape, I Vote.

Vapers: Don’t dismiss us. U.S. candidates may underestimate their influence.



Medical Professionals Support Vaping And Electronic Cigarettes

Denial of scientific evidence is unethical, wrong for public health – E-Cigs help smokers quit, say medics


Smoking cessation and Nicotine Replacement Therapy: results may vary

GlaxoSmithKline employee blows whistle, claims of smoking cessation product exaggerated



Irresponsibility in Chicago:

Hey Chicago! Check Out The Vaping Truth!

Don’t stop smoking now! Chicago Public Health continues its lies on E-Cigs



The pending FDA:

E-Cigarette Regulation Still In Question As FDA Passes The Buck

Quitting Smoking As A New Years Resolution May Be Deterred By Misinformation On E-Cigarettes



My first one – kind of getting a feel for their format:

You Can Quit Smoking With An E-Cigarette, Just Ignore The Lies.


In the past few weeks, I’ve been procrastinating with the 2nd survey (here’s the first) results, and we’re in the middle of the holiday season… I noticed Shannon had published her article and it intrigued me. I don’t consider myself a “journalist”, but I’m learning!

I DO however, consider the need to fight these idiots at almost any level. I’ll continue to use this blog and now I’ll have another tool to use as well. I’m not sure how search engines work, but if I (we) can get ahead of the anti-vaping “professionals”, I’ll try it. I didn’t know what “syntax” was (I thought that is what they’re trying to do to ecigs? 🙂 ) until a few days ago!

If you’ve got a writing bug, so far I’d say join Blasting News. I’m like the format and It seems pretty reasonable to navigate. It looks more credible than say, “vaping links” for the link when it’s posted online.  I like that it looks JUST as good on the web as any of the irresponsible garbage from “experts”. If it is one more way to counter the spewing of “wibble words”


(Thank you AA!!!)


and drivel,


(Thank you DrMA!!!)

and keeps traffic from going to their lies, then I’m ALL in.


If you’re in the United States:

Go here and do something.

Then go here as well.

I hope you have a great holiday season if you celebrate it, be safe and

as always,

Keep ON #Vaping On.


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 Medical Professionals  go HERE.

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More to come!

Keep ON #Vaping On.








One thought on “Smokers: Will You Quit Smoking In 2016? A New Year’s Resolution, An E-Cigarette Revolution”

  1. I quit smoking i think in 2015 before that i was a addicted smoker i light up a cig first thing in a morning like i dont do any thing with out having a cig in my hand than i got some serious health issues so turned to vaping and feel so much better.


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