Judge Not, The Former Smoker.


More than likely, if you’re a vaper, not so long ago…You were a smoker.  Judgement of smokers by former smokers seems silly, doesn’t it? Aside from the dual-user, we’ve found by personal choice, happenstance or need, what took ourselves away from smoking.

I know, I’m proud of me, too. We might just have to scale it back a little bit.




Spreading your joy of not smoking by using an e-cigarette may be alienating the very people you are trying to “help”. I don’t see anything wrong with explaining it from your our prospective – about your personal journey to stop or reduce smoking.


You do understand that despite your good news, smokers may just enjoy smoking as much as you did, or didn’t. I personally am not bothered by smoke. I still think it smells fine. It’s never bothered me. It isn’t intrusive.


That’s me on the right. My first “photo bomb”. My Mother never smoked.

My favorite story of my Mom, the anti-smoker, was her telling my father his cigarette stunk when they were waking up still lying in bed.

He grabbed his metal cigarette case which made a distinct noise and took out a smoke. The way he told this, she proclaimed that his cigarette stunk, told him to put it out, and proceeded to cough, hack and whine while lying in bed facing the other way.


He quickly and loudly pointed out that he hadn’t even lit the damn thing.


Her disdain of smoking was so deep, she smelled it before it was lit.


She didn’t like me smoking, either. Forever… she would “scold” about my smoking for 30+ years. I called her up, said I had stopped smoking with an e-cigarette. Her immediate response was “Well, that’s still smoking”.

Can’t win. She doesn’t care about my blog, either. Thanks, Mom.  🙂


My Dad had a personal struggle with smoking all his life. He experimented with smoking at about 5 in the late 40’s. He was a full time smoker at about 9.

He’d lost his Father at age 7. Instead of going to school, he acquired a paper route, shined shoes, cut timber… anything he could to to help my Grandmother. He always said half of his weekly pay went to help with groceries. The rest went to cigarettes and candy.

Despite severe health problems starting in his 40th year, he loved his Old Gold’s. The patch, hypnosis, gums. I watched him quit a hundred times. He’d say he quit, he’d hide his cartons from Mom. Nothing worked.

At almost 70, he quit cold turkey. Still craved them, but he had quit. He knew I had quit with an e-cigarette before he died of lung cancer at 71.


To judge a smoker. If you are a vaper, telling someone “you should stop smoking” is the former smoker calling the smoker out. You’re doing what others did to you when you smoked. I’ve heard there’s nothing worse than a reformed smoker. Well, I’m believing that.

Tobacco Control  cornered the market years ago on beating smokers up.

I covered this in June.

Shame, Guilt, Fear, Pressure. The Former Smoker.

Bolton Smokers Club covers some of this here (Great site!):

Tobacco Control Tying Itself In Knots


I don’t know if there’s a right or wrong way to fight these battles. It seems when I get out of line – I get by with a little help from my friends.


Sometimes I refer directly to the “Big Vaping” syndicate.

If you follow me on Twitter, I myself will tweet (@vapingit) what seems like “anti-smoking”. I prefer to say it is “pro-vaping” much more than anti-smoking.

I will use the tactics on “control” widely. They more than deserve their own stats. They likely don’t care, either. I don’t want to alienate smokers, they have a choice to smoke. So did I. I DO, however, love to poke the bear.


I know at no point were you going to stop me from smoking when I smoked. I was a die hard. One co-worker years ago coined me as a  professional smoker.

The approach among ourselves -with current smokers and vapers- should be taken into consideration. I have learned more since vaping about the concrete anti-smoking establishment, the disinformation they spew, and the prejudice they are entrenched in. I learn more every day.

After all, we’re not that much different as vapers. The aim is the same. The difference is explained much more eloquently here from Paul in his blog:

Them Or Us.




Tobacco “control” has itself in quite a quandary. They’ve created a long standing and barbed-wire line on smoking. E-cigarettes take people away from smoking for the most part. They wanted everyone to stop smoking.


Now, realizing they are losing revenue for their “cause” by the millions because of that, they are aiming at e-cigarettes, effectively promoting smoking. (They miss their revenue)

They’re a more confused bunch than I ever thought.

 Robert says much here about the twisted nature of public health brilliantly with Lovejoy’s Law.

I created the 1st survey and its final analysis for smokers to have an understanding of e-cigs, not to force them to quit and use e-cigarettes. I have this blog for the same reason. Information. Not coercion. Not guilt.  (2nd survey results pending)



So in the 2nd survey, I asked:

Your perception of smoking / smokers now: 





I wanted to cut these down to 25 or 50, but as I went through them, I thought it was important to see what you’ve said.

These are the last 100 comments left. No edits, as they were:



I don’t push my thoughts on vaping onto smokers, unless they ask.
Friday, Oct 9th 5:12PM

I do like the smell of unburned tobacco.
Thursday, Oct 8th 5:13PM


While I no longer can stand the smell of stale cigarette smoke, I do not judge smokers. I used to be one, what kind of hypocrite would that make me to stand in judgment over them now.
Thursday, Oct 8th 11:23AM

I don’t like the smeel of smoke anymore, I think it’s disgusting. but I’ll not judge them, i’ve smaked long enough
Thursday, Oct 8th 3:13AM

I’m not going to judge someone for doing something I did for 25 years. But if they asked me about vaping, I would happily sit for hours and talk to them about it.
Saturday, Sep 26th 3:39AM

I have a hard time not being one of “those” people. The ones who were smokers and now tell everyone how bad they stink or how awful it is. I just try and nudge and educate and offer to help them make the switch and try to keep my fat mouth shut, otherwise.
Wednesday, Sep 23rd 8:02AM

I try to keep my comments to myself but it smells awful. I only preach when I am asked
Sunday, Sep 20th 11:07AM

Don’t forget that the cow had been a calf once
Monday, Sep 14th 2:54AM

I prefer not to be around cigarette smoke but it doesn’t make me want to go back to cigarettes.
Sunday, Sep 13th 4:21PM

I may not judge as I was a smoker, however that in NO way helps me NOT STAND THE STENCH !
Sunday, Sep 13th 3:58PM

I can’t believe people actually still smoke when they could be Vaping!
Sunday, Sep 6th 12:07AM

It bugs me, it stinks, but it isn’t my choice what they do and isn’t my place to judge. I hang with them, explain when asked, and make my spare hardware available on loan if they’re interested.
Friday, Aug 28th 8:26AM

It reminds me of why I should have given up years before I did.
Thursday, Aug 20th 5:18PM

Both are an addiction, vaping is a safer alternative
Sunday, Aug 9th 8:51AM

I hate the smell but I stand so they don’t blow their smoke at me.
Saturday, Aug 8th 2:06PM

Most of my friends are either smokers, vapers, or use both.
Saturday, Aug 8th 7:53AM

I like smokers to see me vaping, because I like for people to see a personal example of how well it can work (and it might pique their curiousity about ecigs). I am also glad I no longer smell as bad as smokers smell.
Friday, Aug 7th 11:05AM

While i kinda can’t stand the smell of it now (to be honest – I couldn’t stand the smell of smoke even when I was still a smoker) – I don’t judge and it certainly doesn’t really bother me that much.
Tuesday, Aug 4th 7:15AM

Being around people smoking doesn’t make me want to smoke but now that I can smell I hate the smell of cigarettes.
Sunday, Aug 2nd 8:43PM

I wouldn’t say smoke doesn’t entirely bother me, i will stand and vape with smokers however, i just try to stay upwind of there smoke! 🙂
Monday, Aug 3rd 4:25AM

I am still around smokers but I’d much rather not be! Mostly, I now find the smell of tobacco cigarettes very nauseating and I will make it known if anyone’s smoke is drifting into my space.
Sunday, Aug 2nd 8:00PM

Vaping at work has to take place in the cigarette shelter where I am often engaged inconversation releating to vaping and I try to explain about it to them but I don’t like the smoke from them. I can deal with it but don’t enjoy the associated smells from cigarettes
Sunday, Aug 2nd 7:18PM

The smell of smoke bothers me greatly.
Sunday, Aug 2nd 1:47AM

I find the smell of cigarette smoke very unpleasant now and prefer not to be around it.
However I do not comment to the smoker, other than to ask if they have considered using an e-cig. I have my device to demonstrate if they are interested, and a supply of cards for the best vape shop I know locally.
Saturday, Aug 1st 6:35PM

I will never judge a smoker-I WAS a smoker for 40 years. I will tell them how vaping has helped me. But the smell of cigarettes is disgusting…
Saturday, Aug 1st 5:18PM

As a ex smoker I certainly don’t lecture people on their choice of smoking, but if asked will give advice and explain vaping to anyone who will listen. I also stand outside with smokers at pubs/ restaurants etc to vape and wouldn’t vape anywhere that you can’t smoke. I see it as just because there are no laws against vaping in public places it dosn’t make it right to do so. If anything people blowing clouds into bars, cafes even shops, has given us negative public opinion, which we really don’t need more of.
Friday, Jul 31st 6:56PM

my wife still smokes, its her choice but ive made her do it outside, as i cant stand the smell of it.
Tuesday, Jul 28th 10:57AM

Fucking disgusting!
Monday, Jul 27th 12:59PM

I try to not look down on smokers as it’s their choice and I use to be one of them. However, I have never liked the smell. I don’t like being around smokers whether they’re smoking at the time or not. I can smell it on them after they’ve left the room.
Monday, Jul 27th 3:30AM

The smell of tobacco smoke is offensive now, and the taste is disgusting (I used to enjoy the taste) but I do still crave a smoke first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I will kick it soon!
Sunday, Jul 26th 4:48PM

I don’t mind being around a couple people that smoke but I don’t want to be put into a situation where I am forced to vape in a room or area designated for smokers as the second had smoke is these areas are just as bad as smoking and defeat the purpose of vaping in the first place
Sunday, Jul 26th 1:11AM

i am quite ok to be around smokers it doesn’t bother me at all
Wednesday, Jul 22nd 8:47AM

The smell from tobacco makes me want to puke though…
Sunday, Jul 19th 1:05PM

I am amazed by the people who still chose to smoke over vaping…
Sunday, Jul 19th 11:12AM

The smell is gross, but i’m not a snobby prick who thinks he is better then the next. I explain what it is and ask them to do some research of their own – I always end it with if you have any questions I am always here to ask 🙂
Sunday, Jul 19th 9:50AM

Spending a bit of time in an enclosed space with a smoker – have to go home, take a shower because I can smell it in my hair, and change my clothes
Friday, Jul 17th 5:56PM

Smoking will always be a personal choice, and while I always extol the virtues of using vaporizers instead of combustible tobacco, I won’t ever be pushy or argumentative about it.
Friday, Jul 17th 5:46PM

I vape around smokers because our laws make me.
Friday, Jul 17th 5:01PM

I can now smell it and its yucky for sure but I be mindful to not be a hypocrite and most people will ask me about vaping and I usually have a couple mouth covers for those who want to try it
Friday, Jul 17th 1:57PM

everyone I know who smokes has asked me about it. I try to give information without coming across as a fanatic, but I believe so strongly that this can help so many people.
Tuesday, Jul 14th 10:21PM

it stinks
Monday, Jul 13th 9:56PM

It doesn’t bother me to be around smokers (really hard to avoid in this country anyway!) and I’m here if they have any questions. From time to time I lure them in with my delicious mixtures… 😉 It’s really important to remember not to judge smokers.
Sunday, Jul 12th 9:03PM

Girlfriend smokes. For now. What a fool.
Monday, Jul 13th 4:53PM

I do think the smell is horrible now that I know the difference but tolerate it get the message out there
Monday, Jul 13th 12:55PM

I dont like the smell of cigarettes anymore
Monday, Jul 13th 12:53PM

I can be with smokers but I hate the smoke.
Monday, Jul 13th 11:54AM

For years I only smoked outside and believed the fresh air would prevent the tobacco smell from clinging to my clothes. Was I wrong. I can smell tobacco on those coming inside after smoking. It’s a foul stink!
Monday, Jul 13th 10:50AM

i like the smell of Tobacco to this day. As long as the cig is not lit. then it just gets nasty
Monday, Jul 13th 8:45AM

its horrid ,BUT will always take the time to talk and educate them on vaping
Monday, Jul 13th 8:22AM

Can be around them but don’t enjoy it. I do take the opportunity to assist them in smoking.
Monday, Jul 13th 3:30AM

The smell is terrible, but I understand the struggle.
Sunday, Jul 12th 8:52PM

I now don’t kiss smokers.
Sunday, Jul 12th 9:52PM

Smoking grosses me out, but I smoked for a long time, and have no room to judge. I will spread the good word about vaping if a smoker asks, but I don’t proselytize.
Sunday, Jul 12th 9:19PM

It stinks
Sunday, Jul 12th 9:19PM

The smell gets to me sometimes and others it is kind of nostalgic, but either way I am able to hang out with smokers without even an urge to smoke.
Sunday, Jul 12th 7:33PM

I don’t judge them but I can’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke now
Sunday, Jul 12th 7:19PM

I cannot believe I put up with the smell and taste of smoking as long as I did.
Sunday, Jul 12th 7:03PM

and when they inquire about it, I tell it to the world, or any who will listen. I keep it short and to the point but I get the facts out before their smoke break is over.
Sunday, Jul 12th 5:54PM

The worst is when their smoke gets pulled through the airflow of my ecig, then I can’t stand it. But being an ex-smoker, it’s not my place to preach. But if any interest is shown (or they’re a friend) I’ve got a wealth of information at the ready!
Sunday, Jul 12th 6:04PM

My husband and his entire family smokes. I hate it. I know I am watching them kill themselves medically and financially… and because I am around it and my husband and I share finances…it is doing the same to me. It’s akin to watching them eat a pellet of rat loison and not being able to get them to stop. Or living in a home full of asbestos … I feel helpless and afraid.
Sunday, Jul 12th 4:06PM

I can be around smokers and I vape while they are smoking. The smell is horrible to me now and I can’t believe how bad I stunk all those years. HA!!
Sunday, Jul 12th 4:42PM

It stinks like Hell but I don’t judge.
Sunday, Jul 12th 3:29PM

I Do not want to be forced around them. So I will Never go to a place where I must be…my Bucket list has lost a few places of late…
Vote with your wallet…
Sunday, Jul 12th 1:57PM

It’s disgusting the smell of alone gives me a headache and turns my stomach
Sunday, Jul 12th 2:32PM

I think I may be a bad choice for asking this question to due to parental conditioning.
Sunday, Jul 12th 3:08PM

Can’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke however; once in a great while someone will light a cigarette and that very first touch of flame to tobacco there is a smell of tobacco burning that smells just heavenly. Can’t explain it, it just is, like a buddy of mine says even though neither one of us will ever smoke again is this; I never met a cigarette I didn’t like.
Sunday, Jul 12th 12:14PM

I try not to judge but it’s really foul smelling to me.
Sunday, Jul 12th 2:10PM

The smell really bothers me anymore and gives me migraines, and I hate it nowadays, but I do not by any means judge them. Judging isn’t helpful, and honestly? People just need to be kind to one another. Judging someone, telling them they stink, etc. is NOT the way to get them into a smoke-free lifestyle. You never know how hard they’ve struggled with quitting.
Sunday, Jul 12th 2:15PM

I hate having to vape next to smokers in public places, but I do it to be polite and observe posted rules at buildings.
Sunday, Jul 12th 12:40PM

I feel i guess i am a hipocrite cause i accept them but cant stand smokers the world should be filled with VAPE
Sunday, Jul 12th 12:55PM

I vape right along with the smokers, but it smells horrible. I prefere to have the wind in my back.
Sunday, Jul 12th 12:41PM

I no longer like the smell but it doesnt offend me enough to avoid friends family who still use tobacco.
Sunday, Jul 12th 10:23AM

I have developed a life threatening allergic reaction to burning tobacco, an epi pen and inhaler are now required for me to leave the house.
Sunday, Jul 12th 11:04AM

Still hate the way they smell even tho I can still be around them. The smell is so off putting.
Sunday, Jul 12th 9:54AM

I was there I didn’t like being judged, so I don’t judge. IF a smoker ask, then I will talk, with a very deep compassion, because I know how hard it was to stop, before e-cigs came along.
Sunday, Jul 12th 7:20AM

I can’t stand the smell any longer!
Sunday, Jul 12th 5:38AM

The smell! I hate the smell!
Sunday, Jul 12th 6:20AM

When i see them vaping and smoking i scratch my head.
Sunday, Jul 12th 4:33AM

I don’t like the smell anymore, but it was only a year ago that I was a smoker myself…
Sunday, Jul 12th 3:45AM

Even though I think the smell of tobacco smoke is disgusting I feel the need to explain to smokers that there is a superior alternative and encourage them to give vaping a try.
Sunday, Jul 12th 3:06AM

I can stand some smoke, not all
Saturday, Jul 11th 9:21PM

smoking smells bad an don’t want that odor on my own cloths
Saturday, Jul 11th 9:50PM

I still hang out with my smoking friends and will go outside with them when they smoke, but I vape instead. The smell of cigarette smoke very quickly became an awful smell to me but I tolerate it.
Saturday, Jul 11th 10:14PM

I can’t stand the smell anymore. I wonder sometimes how I was even able to enjoy a cig. I can be around it but it stinks.
Saturday, Jul 11th 9:18PM

I do not tell strangers what to do or not do. I would educate a friend if they smoked or someone who asks me. I can smell a cig from a mile away now. I prefer not to smell it but it has no effect on me other than reminding me to not do it.
Saturday, Jul 11th 7:34PM

I refuse to vape in the smokers hut and bring all that nasty back with me. While I dont have an issue sitting elsewhere with someone while they smoke I prefer not to bring the nasties with me (smell and residue) I dont push vaping onto anyone but if they ask I am more then happy to teach them. I dont have an urge to smoke when I am by a smoker. It is the opposite. I realize how bad I stunk
Saturday, Jul 11th 6:33PM

I’ve explained the benefits to the best of my abilities, and it’s up to the individual if they take the step toward vaping. I don’t judge them as I was just like them a year ago.
Saturday, Jul 11th 1:23PM

I really try not to be one of “those people”but I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes anymore.
Saturday, Jul 11th 12:40PM

I dont judge smokers. I definitely dont like the smell. But I can be with them and around them anytime. I do let them know about vaping every chance I get.
Saturday, Jul 11th 11:47AM

I know what smokers are going through, I don’t mind smokers, I try to help them become healthier but I don’t judge. I won’t be around the smoke bc I HATE the smell!
Saturday, Jul 11th 10:49AM

I don’t like that I am forced into an area for smokers.
Saturday, Jul 11th 8:04AM

I am even more sensitive to the smell of cigarette smoke than I was before smoking-I find it repulsive and have a hard time talking to people after “smoke breaks.” I wish I didn’t have to go outside to designated “smoking areas” as it forces me to inhale second-hand smoke. Usually I won’t vape instead.
Saturday, Jul 11th 8:07AM

I do notice the smell more now – especially when someone gets in elevators after a smoke etc.
Saturday, Jul 11th 6:13AM

I don’t like the smell of smoke from cigarettes, I don’t care if someone smokes, I prefer they don’t smoke around me, it smells
Saturday, Jul 11th 2:57AM

I hate the smell!! I am very direct with people I know and ask “So when are you going to quit that?” I have converted a lot of people.
Saturday, Jul 11th 1:13AM

As a vaper at first it did not bother me but as time went on an I was the only none smoker it made me sick and could not be around it.
Saturday, Jul 11th 12:47AM

I definitely notice the smell on a smoker
Friday, Jul 10th 10:31PM

I do hate the smell it leaves on clothing! Especially on a transit bus in winter when a smoker is in front of me!
Friday, Jul 10th 10:34PM

Dont like the smell of cigarettes
Friday, Jul 10th 7:05PM




I’ll agree there are some friendly comments, but it seems we’re pretty rough on smokers/smoking. Is it that we’ve been conditioned to think this way?

Were we this angry when we smoked – that others did it to us? Maybe that’s a reflection upon ourselves and what discrimination we experienced when we were smokers.

I hope this enlightens you toward working with the freedom of choice over the damning or bullying of smokers. I am challenged by it as well at times, but try to aim my silliness at the “professionals“.

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s more fun to focus our efforts and aim at the tobacco control experts, politicians, and journalists to beat them about the blog and articles with facts, and their own words.


Of course, I’ll add my own two cents. It seems they need the attention – and the money.


Until we get this all figured out:

Go here and do something.

Then go here as well.


E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

 Medical Professionals  go HERE.

MANY Links are to the left and right of this blog! Please see them!

You can sponsor the blog & website here if you like.

Always a work in progress-

please visit my website here.

More to come!

Keep ON #Vaping On.



6 thoughts on “Judge Not, The Former Smoker.”

  1. Could I just point out that no-one is suggesting banning fags , not the WHO , not the EU , not the UK Government. It is vaping that is at war and in a war any friend is welcome even if they are anti-smoking health zealots. If that annoys rabid smokers I say well tough shit , it is our hobby which is under threat NOT yours.

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