The Many Faces Of Tobacco Control. Simple Simon Chimpman.

Every dog, or in this case, chimp, has his day. We’ve all had personal and professional triumphs. We’ve suffered losses, failures. We at first ~ especially when we’re younger, hungry trying to “change the world”, hopefully for the better.
To make a mark in life – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Specifically, if you’re in the public health field, you’d want that to be a lasting mark. You’d want that to be memorable. You’d want to help people. Change lives for the better.

Reducing or eliminating smoking would be a start.

My father had some sayings. “Know for a fact” was one.
‘I’m not just another pretty face” was another.

Simon Chapman, Tobacco Control. A man on a mission.
Let me speak first of all – to the surprise of some of you, of Chimpmanzee having done “some good”. In 1983, he wrote The Lung Goodbye. (That document being held in the UCSF website  – Truth Tobacco Industry Documents – presumably held in trust by fellow chimpster, Stanton Glantz.)
Surely, in the scheme of things, The Lung Goodbye was groundbreaking stuff. I’ve enjoyed it very much. Great insight in there. Showing how to fight the tobacco companies like a pit-bull.
I myself used it – Credited it like asked, and never even so much as got a thank you – you ungrateful monkey.
No, that’s not it, Chump. No, that’s not it, Chimp. There, that’s better.

I figured from the very beginning of my “twitter” life, I would follow the very people who are against e-cigarettes. It was a no-brainer! I wanted to learn from them. Obviously they know something I don’t. Obviously from their tenure, experience, education, background, knowledge MUST be free flowing and available for the world to see.

I thought it would be advantageous to see exactly what those e-cigarette users weren’t telling me. They MUST have been hiding something!  I was fully confident – professors like GlANTZ. Chimpman. MONcKee. Chimpewell….. those academic geniuses I was finding by the hour would know ALL about e-cigarettes…. surely they would tell all!
MONKEYS2NONE of them HAVE research. They like to look at everyone elses… make comments… create a stir… throw their feces around….  but not do their own research.
Shortly after joining, I created my first survey realizing these chimpanzees were not receptive to “common” former smokers, dual users and completely quitters!
BOY oh BOY was I ever excited to share my anecdotal evidence with them and the world, heck maybe I’d be invited in for banana hour at the local college!
First Vaping Survey Final Analysis.
I enjoyed following Chimpmanzee. I learned things about wind farms and other drivel!

I myself had more than a few tweets with him before being blocked. So sad. I had so much to learn.


simon and the infant

Simon Chimpman: Put in his place.
Chimpman has been called a World Class Comedian by Dick Puddlecoat.
Chimpman has been described as Simple Simon by Christopher Snowden.
Chimpman has received from the eloquent Lorien Jolly, A Lesson In Manners.
Chimpman has #evidently become part of the tobacco control circus.
Chimpman has even taken on Clive Bates. Here’s Clive’s response.


Added 7/25/17:
Via Dr. Danko:
Is Simon Chapman dancing to the tune of Big Tobacco?
I’m sure there’s more, I just don’t want you getting hit with any flying feces. You know how chimpanzees can enjoy tossing their own excrement.

More than enough to go around, Chimpanzee likes to make statements over tweets of others.
Much to my amusement, so do I.

The difference between myself and Chumpmonkey – a “professional” who is allegedly knowledgeable, educated and wrong – should be held to a much higher standard. In the academic world, the professional world, and in the very world of tobacco control? I’d think so.
The difference is  – I’m not a professor. I’m a citizen.

 Please take your own advice:

respect the evidence

That is part of his

“10 pieces of advice to early career researchers and advocates”

You would think ANYONE in tobacco control would be for e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking. There’s no tobacco. There’s no smoke. He’ll tweet his opinion. (Note the applause of Chimpwell in this below)

Are you done laughing yet???

Troll his opinion, some would say:



Here’s his explanation as to

why HE blocks trolls on Twitter.

Here he talks about ethics:   Ooops……


He is not LAWFULLY PERMITTED  –  however he pretends to throw his feces around, to DO medical research or study in relation to human health.

Added 5/29/16:

Chappers LOVES control.


Don’t SHARE it!


His self-absorbed trolling got the best of him last year.

He trolled the wrong person.

He DID offer – persuaded surely – and published an apology for this:



Added 7/16/2018, here’s “another apology”




So… in that spirit, I’m going to offer my “final apology” for this blog in advance.

Correction & Apology
TO Simon Chimpman.
I am a consumer, private citizen and more than a casual observer of your stupidity on Twitter.
On 14 November, 2015, I posted the above blog. With pleasure. I do enjoy your inept attempts at barely being relevant, holding on to a banana peel with all your might to have your final influence on the world of tobacco.
It’s fun to watch.
Under the impression you were a “professional”, my blog implied you were a chimpanzee. I realize this may cause concern and implications. I have since realized you may well be an ape, and I want to apologize to any chimpanzees I may have offended – in any manner.
I certainly don’t need chimpanzees coming after me. The allegations of you being a professional in any capacity of tobacco harm reduction for the masses were obviously misconstrued by me. I will do what I can to keep others from believing you are a professional.
I realize you are not lawfully permitted to perform research, or conduct said research, and cannot be expected to speak intelligently with a banana in one hand, your excrement in the other AND know what massive amounts of research there is to understand with e-cigarettes.
Maybe the English department can read it to you.
I presume you just don’t understand all that mumbo jumbo without pictures.
I suggest you also see the Psychology department. You seem to have too much trouble interacting with people who have stopped smoking with e-cigarettes.
It looks as if you are having trouble accepting the fact that all those years of trying to convince people to stop smoking have been for nothing.

I have a feeling this isn’t the first time you’ve been replaced by a battery operated device and it is bothering you.

As a secondary and less important note, I’ve tried to hone and sharpen my blogging skills enough over the past year to be charged with defamation of your character. Much to my own disappointment, after all the amateur research I’m able to do with a job and family, it turns out I couldn’t find that you have character. Turns out –  you actually have none.
I can only hope you are held accountable for deterring smokers from trying to stop smoking with e-cigarettes.
Criminal charges are preferred.
I also want to point out, that despite your “quit or die” motto – you don’t want smokers to use these “APPROVED METHODS“ , vapers are not dying by the standards you’d like to see.


We’ll be around a bit longer to point out your lack of qualifications, irrelevance and – of course, just when you’re wrong in many aspects of your tweets and – blog…
I sincerely apologize to any truthful Scientists, Researchers and Doctors worldwide if I’ve offended them because they have earned my immense respect by doing research, and understanding the possibilities with e-cigarettes, and the ability of those wonderful people to reduce tobacco use worldwide.
Former Smoker Because Of E-Cigarettes,



Update. Simon retweeted this article.

What a guy.



 ** Added 12/11/15. Because he’s not an enemy of vaping…



My response to your BMJ Blog is here- just in case it’s “not approved”


Responsibility of a professional is less harm, Mr. Chapman.

With the faulty evidence presented, with no research on nicotine being addictive on its own (please show me that) and the fact you would much rather live in a past, create an illusion of control and authority, and pretend e-cigarettes are a gateway, and to ignore the research – is of great concern.

I read The Lung Goodbye. I was absorbed and intrigued by that. As great and insightful as it was, as a great example and a wonderful history lesson in the battle you once waged against tobacco, it also shows the tactics you’re still using against what is taking people away from tobacco today. Counterproductive.

There is responsibility in academics, is there not, to present ALL the facts? Would you as a professor, teach your students half of the facts and let them presume or assume the rest?

Science, proper research. It’s all available. Very disappointing to know your views are to cite what was rather than what is.

Citing “children” and flavors is as much an effort to gain support as it is to distract from facts. E-cigarettes take people away from tobacco by the millions.

If that fact is not acknowledged, if that a-ha moment does not come to someone in tobacco control as many years as you have been in it, then you’re more worried about your relevance than you are of tobacco use or you have other motives.

If it is “children” you would like to distract with, by all means, continue on your journey. Meanwhile, the adults will continue to take themselves away from smoking and by default, will make cigarettes slowly – almost completely away with or without you.

I hope one day, without question, you will not concede, but put forth effort to understand why they work , what can be done to make them even better, and have productive conversations about what can be done to make them even safer than they already are. Productive conversations as to advertising. Productive conversation, as opposed to working towards deterring both freedom of choice and common sense towards what seems to be the ultimate goal. Less use of combustible tobacco.

The litmus test? Do they work? Do they do less harm?

The scream test? Children and inciting doubt.

E-cigarettes worked for me, accidentally, after 30+ years of smoking. In the end, I’d much prefer a healthy engagement with anyone – including you, to make the goal of less combustible tobacco a reality by a reliable and viable choice with e-cigarettes for the smoker to turn to, where other methods have not worked.

This, added on 01/02/16:

from the account:

Fake Simon Chapman @SimonChapmanAO

is hilarious!


When I saw this next link from Jim McManus, I did not know his background, however – this is one of the most eloquent ways to change one’s mind.

Jim has spoken out here on his blog:

How & Why I Changed My Mind On E-cigarettes.

Added 03/03/2018

I’m sure there’ll be more:

Simon Chapman: Expert Merchant Of Doubt

Added 3/25/2018:

I’m amazed I forgot this one:

Simon would rather you have a license to smoke.

The Case for a Smoker’s License

Added 3/25/2018:

I forgot this one as well:

This is so good you’ll need to fill your tank and hydrate.

The Root of All Evil Goes Too Far? – An Investigation

I like Simon Chapman so much I’ve written about him here as well:

Simon Chapman: The E̶m̶p̶e̶r̶o̶r̶ ̶ Emeritus Wears No Clothes Down Under.

E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

 Medical Professionals at MOVE are HERE.

Always a work in progress-

please visit my website here.

More to come!

Keep ON #Vaping On.







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