Stop Smoking. The Monkey On Your Back.


Stop Smoking. The monkey on your back.

To stop smoking is a personal journey. It is also a personal choice. You alone are trying to stop smoking. Experts have advice on what smoking can do to you.

They are informative! Statistics of what is bad about smoking at their fingertips – reasons why smoking is bad – all kinds of stats and figures!

They are MORE THAN WILLING to give their assistance.

They are the professionals……

They are tobacco control experts.

Or are they?

They tout smoking related diseases. Health issues, common sense. Then, they point directly to an “approved method” that you have little to no chance for success in using.

Nicotine reduction!!!

USE the APPROVED methods, they SCREAM! Why are they approved if they DON’T have a great success rate? Take your MEDICINE!

Why are the methods approved not showing their success rate? You think, with all the hype about how approved they are, they’d say they were “70%” successful – pick a number – in helping people with tobacco harm reduction.

Wouldn’t you?

Smoking bans started just about the same time the patch was coming out…. no conflict of interest there.

The pharmaceutical interests supporting Tobacco Control

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are:

‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’Ronald Reagan
40th president of US (1911 – 2004)

Part of what prompted this specific blog was something I read from someone I admire about relapsing.

It seems the tobacco control expert world wants you to quit – but with low success rates on “methods”, relapses are imminent, very real, and continue to haunt smokers who really are trying to quit.

With e-cigarettes, relapsing isn’t so much of a thing…

Alan has a great insight about relapsing here.

Relapse Prevention

Why – with technology & science, aren’t they making the “approved” methods successful? Why do they blame the smoker when it doesn’t work? Because it’s a multitude of BUSINESS! It’s the see-saw effect! 🙂

They like MONEY, they want you to keep smoking!

They know they have smokers in a vicious smokescreen.

“The Patch” is a sham:

The Real Story Behind The Nicotine Patch And Smoking Cessation

Ohhhh how they claim Nicotine is the culprit.

The Evils Of Nick O’Teen

Nicotine is NOT addictive:

The Great Nicotine Myth

They can’t get rats addicted to nicotine alone:

The addition of five minor tobacco alkaloids increases nicotine-induced hyperactivity, sensitization and intravenous self-administration in rats.

Tobacco companies ADD things to make smoking addictive:

Cigarette Additives. The Sneaky Reason They’re Present

Do they know that? Well, call their quit lines. Counseling may help! Here’s an app! Are you JOKING?

You need to stop smoking. You’ve tried to stop smoking and failed. That’s too bad. Here’s some guilt for you. There are plenty of “approved” methods.

You’re not trying hard enough.

You don’t have enough willpower.

It’s contrived. They DO try hard, though

. quitdie


The Quotes above are from here!

“Tobacco control” is the monkey on your back.

E-Cigarettes WORK. They just don’t want you to believe it. They have motive.

They want you to keep smoking.


One of my favorite chimps is here.

E-cigarettes are making tobacco control irrelevant,

so they want to restrict, regulate, tax and ban…

you know – for the children.


Below are just 50 unedited quotes from the latest survey on what other methods they tried.

Had two long periods without smoking, about 1,5 years. but fell back. Both with cold turkey, other options did not work for me.
Thursday, Oct 8th 5:13PM

I tried everything I could get my hands on to quit. Longest I ever made it was about a month and then it was back to smoking again.
Thursday, Oct 8th 11:23AM

I’ve tried al lot of differnt ways to quit smoking, non of them helped me quit until I switched to vaping instead of smoking. I am now free of smoking and nicotine, and I’m completely happy with it!!
Thursday, Oct 8th 3:13AM

Tried to stop smoking several times over many years. I used patches, gum and champix. None of these methods seemed to have any advantage over cold-turkey stopping; they just seem to prolong the nicotine withdrawal phase.
Wednesday, Oct 7th 3:52PM

Nothing worked for me except pregnancy but as soon as I left the hospital I started smoking again. Since I started vaping i haven’t ever and don’t want to ever smoke again!!
Wednesday, Oct 7th 12:08AM

i also tried the supermarket bought BluCig style E-cig
Thursday, Oct 1st 9:22PM

Sadly, all failed.
Sunday, Sep 27th 11:51AM

I managed to stop smoking for 3 months from using Chantix. But I did not like the side effects. The tablets upset my stomach and I would occasionally suffer vomiting. I also had trouble sleeping and had scary vivid dreams.
Saturday, Sep 26th 3:39AM

Tried gum and cold turkey, but immediately knew that they were not gonna work. Vaping worked basically from day 1, it changed my life.
Thursday, Sep 24th 1:58PM

I started with an ecig 4 weeks ago
Wednesday, Sep 23rd 11:29AM

again, none of that worked and plenty of it was downright scary. The Chantix made me have horrible anger issues, nightmares, insomnia, memory loss/lost time…patches left permanent square scar on my shoulder due to an allergy to the adhesive and caused night sweats and nightmares…Blu cigalikes were stupidly high nicotine and made me vomit from too much nicotine at once and not nearly enough vapor to create a feeling of smoking. Plus they tasted horrible.
Wednesday, Sep 23rd 8:02AM

i tried to quit with gum, inhaler, cold turkey and with snus
Wednesday, Sep 23rd 12:20AM

I quit tobacco three times, each episode in excess of 3 months, but never longer than 6 months. I always wound up going back.
Sunday, Sep 20th 10:16AM

Patches and gum kept me away from smoking about three weeks at the most. It didn’t help much, and was by far to expencive
Monday, Sep 14th 2:54AM

I used Wellbutrin & it worked great & I stopped smoking cigarettes but it gave me seizures so I had to discontinue & eventually started smoking again. So far the only way that I’ve stayed tobacco free is through Vaping.
Sunday, Sep 13th 4:21PM

Lack of cash. was the biggest motivator to give up but that never lasted longer than 4 weeks.
Wednesday, Aug 26th 10:05AM

Nothing worked, some where down right dangerous, Champix for instance.
Thursday, Aug 20th 5:18PM

The longest I went using these methods was 12 months cold turkey. I gained 10kg in weight and was miserable the whole year.
Saturday, Aug 15th 7:23PM

Nothing worked. Nothing.
Saturday, Aug 15th 7:13AM

Hypnosis is garbage. Wanted a cigarette as soon as i left.
Tuesday, Aug 11th 7:10PM

Most times when I quit it was half heartedly. I loved smoking and will always consider myself a smoker
Saturday, Aug 8th 10:44AM

I couldn’t even quit smoking when I was pregnant. They put me on the patch post delivery of my first child, and after three days in the hospital I was ‘chomping at the bit’ to have a cigarette once I was released.
Friday, Aug 7th 11:05AM

I quit for 2 weeks using the Almanac. They used to say to quit smoking. It is the same as weaning your kids. I read How to quit smoking by Alan Carr and put the cigarettes down and got serious about vaping.
Monday, Aug 3rd 6:28PM

All other methods were hopeless/useless and champax made me homicidal
Monday, Aug 3rd 4:43PM

I tried Chantix but it affected my mood in a negative way so I quit taking it after 2-3 weeks.
Sunday, Aug 2nd 8:43PM

Tried quitting a few times, was successful once for about a year, then went back to smoking again!
Monday, Aug 3rd 4:25AM

American Lung Cancer’s Freedom from Smoking class. It was pretty stupid.
Sunday, Aug 2nd 11:11AM

All but vaping failed
Sunday, Aug 2nd 8:03AM

Fuck all worked! Just sayin…
Monday, Jul 27th 12:59PM

Managed to quit for two years using gum; then made the fatal mistake of thinking I could just have one socially!!!

Monday, Jul 27th 6:06AM

I was never a heavy smoker unless I was drinking so quitting was purely a mental thing.
Monday, Jul 27th 3:30AM

None ever worked besides vaping…
Sunday, Jul 26th 10:49PM

none of the methods i tried worked and i was allergic to the patches
Sunday, Jul 26th 4:30PM

None of these ever satisfied my urge to smoke. A lot of it for me is the hand to mouth action of smoking!!
Sunday, Jul 26th 7:16AM

I tried to quit so many times! It was stressful and very expensive! Vapeing made it so easy, I bought my vape and a day later I tried to smoke and they (cigarettes) tasted terrible! And I smoked a lot! Two packs a day sometimes! It was like a miracle.

Saturday, Jul 25th 11:24PM

Chantix (wellbutrin) turned me into a complete asshat
Saturday, Jul 25th 10:50PM

Chantix good lord! I tried twice with that garbage.
Saturday, Jul 25th 11:55AM

Vaping is by far has given me the best result
Friday, Jul 24th 7:11PM

NONE of them worked,but Vaping helped me IMMEDIATELY. three years cigarette free!
Friday, Jul 24th 7:01PM

Even after a colon cancer surgery that put me out of work for 8 months while I recovered and went through chemotherapy I couldn’t quit smoking. Vaping is the only thing that’s been able to keep me off lit tobacco.
Thursday, Jul 23rd 4:01PM

most of these products are very nasty i even tried patches but ended up smoking while wearing them
Wednesday, Jul 22nd 8:47AM

After having quit (cold turkey) for 2 years, I resumed smoking, because of negative health effects (overweight causing short breath, cholesterol, mood disorders). Restarting smoking restored my health (although I knew it was only temporary). Fortunately, I discovered vaping, and my health problems are now cleared.
Monday, Jul 20th 10:17AM

I tried everything but, always said that if I found the right product I could replace the tobacco.
Sunday, Jul 19th 1:05PM

Until I started vaping I was not able to cut back on cigarettes. Even after 5 heart attacks. Doctor have told me I am not a candidate for bypass since it is only 1 artery that they have had to stent. Even after quitting I have had another heart attack but the good part is I was not having to use oxygen the whole time I was in the hospital like before. My doctor has no problem with me vaping. All I can do is keep changing my lifestyle and get to the hospital ASAP when the symptoms appear. I have been cigarette free for approximately 8 months now. Yes, I have had cravings for a cigarette and when I am around a smoker I think I have asked for a drag a couple of times. Once I taste the nastiness I have no problem walking away now.
Sunday, Jul 19th 10:56AM

I have tried everything offered to me I could never completely stop. Always cut down and eventually just picked all the way back up
Sunday, Jul 19th 10:45AM

I am often negatively impacted by pharmaceutical drugs so was afraid to use any of the prescription methods.
Sunday, Jul 19th 11:12AM

NOTHING WORKED – 2 – 3 days of hell then back to smoking
Sunday, Jul 19th 9:50AM

None of this garbage worked. The cycle of smoking held a death grip.
Sunday, Jul 19th 8:54AM

I tried to cut down cigarettes but never tried to stop, till i found vaping
Sunday, Jul 19th 1:49AM

I quit smoking tobacco three times: twice for 6 month stretches and once for an entire year. Each time was extremely difficult when I was around other smokers or occasional smokers.
Saturday, Jul 18th 11:10PM

Here’s the thing. If those other methods WORKED for those CHOOSING to quit by whatever prompted them – then that would be great.

When they KNOW they don’t really work and don’t want to talk about it, wouldn’t you find it imperative, according to their own agenda, instead of their own ulterior motives,  that any form of less smoking is better? When will they embrace it? When will the “in charge”  have integrity?


E-cigarettes work. If they wanted to reduce tobacco consumption, without question, they would with e-cigarettes.

When the experts on tobacco control who cannot seem to step up, take the responsibility to the PUBLIC and stop the lies, then there will be less tobacco use in the world.

These Medical Professionals do.

Instead of complaining, pretending, lying and misconstruing facts, grow up.



Research on ECIGS is well published and available  HERE and HERE

Medical Professionals are HERE

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A work in perpetual progress:

More to come – including the final analysis of the last survey!


Keep On #Vaping On


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