My Vaping Anniversary

Of importance to me with Abi’s blog I’m about to present to you all.

To some, the journey into vaping whether finding it on your own like me, by accident, or someone helping you, does SOMETHING to your life.

It gives you among other things, the power over tobacco, that had you in *its grip (*its: tobacco companies, peer pressure, life, addiction, etc.)

It becomes a very large victory within itself in your life. Because of vaping, This is the same feeling I had when I started the survey. I’d been vaping well over a year before I got involved – head in sand kind of thing. When I did get on twitter, I didn’t know anyone, I wasn’t in any facebook groups, and I didn’t know a thing other than that it worked for me. I just wanted to do SOMETHING & tell the world!

We are reactionary in our knowledge & what vaping is about, we crave more. It’s not about power or status, it’s about making a change for the better in the world. If it inspires, it is better for others.

Abi Cott, I not only commend you for the work you’ve done, I dearly admire you among others!

It IS about the fight, It IS about the others who don’t know yet, and it IS proof positive we have a voice.

Keep On ‪#‎Vaping‬ On.

Vapers In Power

I bought my first Vape pen almost exactly one year ago, and I really had no idea what a change to my life that would be.

It was a chance purchase, not planned or considered. The last thing on my mind was quitting smoking. I bought it for one simple reason and one reason only, a LAUGH.

A few mates had tried them and waxed lyrically about them, but I didn’t want to quit smoking so I wasn’t really interested, so it really was a fluke that I bought one at all. I was bored, and wandering around a city centre on a Saturday afternoon when my eye chanced on an advert in a shop window.

“E-cigarette kit with 2 flavours – £10”

It was cheap enough and I though the flavours looked like a giggle so I wandered in. Roughly an hour later after much testing of flavours, I…

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2 thoughts on “My Vaping Anniversary”

  1. I am so VERY PROUD of the outstanding way in which you conducted your vaping survey, the way in which you got it out to the public, and your obvious concern for your fellow human beings! You are to be commended for your effects and determination! I was not familiar with vaping until devouring your survey. I stopped smoking in 1977 after having smoked for 6 years. I am now 65 (in 2 weeks) and have never gone back to smoking. I stopped cold turkey with no craving after asking God to take it from me. I, like you, am a humanitarium. And, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing God to use you in this endeavor. May God continue to bless you in your efforts…..

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