The California $75 MILLION #stillblowingsmoke campaign & #notblowingsmoke. Who’s fooling who?



Just burning a hole in California’s pocket. To lie.

As the #stillblowingsmoke campaign from the California Department of Public Health rose out of their tobacco control ashes,

A brilliant counter of #notblowingsmoke came calling from everywhere.

Out of nowhere!

Similar to the #curbit campaign (out of California as well), there was a blast of support from the vaping community.

I wasn’t privy to anything coming… it flooded my timeline – and it just… sort… of….. kept going. Gleefully.

@StillBlwngSmoke was who I assume was at the helm. 🙂

The idea that the California Department of Public Health was going to attempt a #curbit style campaign, and the fact that someone knew it, and created

(A brilliant idea so go see the site!!!)

and then USED it to hijack the #stillblowingsmoke campaign from them…

just made me giggle… more by the tweet.

I didn’t know it was coming ’till I got home from work and it caught me by a pleasant surprise.

We know they’re not being honest with their claims.

That got me to thinking today… I saw their “News Release” and they are not playing around. TV ads, lies… disinformation, misinformation. Discreditation – is that a word?

They want to discredit everything about e-cigarettes…. toxins, dangers… you know…. well here that is:

If you want it you can download it: PH15-024 California Debuts Ads to Counter E-cigarettes


Page 2:


Interestingly they have a link to this:

So after re-reading that “release” and seeing this photo


(vapor is dark – coming off the wrong end…)

and the “toxins” are there – birth defects…….  the lies are there – the silliness is there.)

It got me to thinking….

So I did this:


It pretty well pissed me OFF, so I decided to create this “internal memo”, posted it on Twitter as a dropbox,
and also put it on CASAA.
Tweeted it to CDPH themselves…..trying to catch THEM off guard.

My adjustment of their “press release” as a “internal memo from their failed festivities, and added a few links and a couple clues to it not being real.. was to say the least – funny to me.

If I were in charge of this “failed” 75 Million dollar FIVE year plan and it got hijacked on the first day what would I say…

I wanted it done –  like disinformation directly at them…. I’ll play their game…..

I made it look realistic enough for the header – with copy/paste…

added the links… added a few clues for us to see, and actually wasn’t trying to fool anyone once they re-read it – for those of us who vape………….

Once you  hit the MSA or the “dear Stan” part…  at least a flag or two may go off….

 “Private, Do Not Distribute” and then under the date there is PH-LIE #1348318-024

along with “dear Stanton” in the body of the text………..  ALL the links were to various links from the

website – including the site itself at the end…


When I tweeted it – someone caught the joke pretty quick- and I thought – well, it wasn’t “that” good anyway –

then put it on CASAA and let it sit a bit….

It fooled more than I thought with the vaping community. Our world and “anti” campaigns goes SO fast.

There are articles with good news headlines, we can’t all possibly read every word, and inside that headline – more lies…

We can’t see everything. We sometimes retweet each other out of sheer trust… we consider the source. 🙂

That led me to another thought. If I – just a guy with no real “experience” in the copy/cut/paste world can create a phony internal memo – to try to get it to them… and that catches people off guard-

What will the CDPH do with their 75 MILLION dollar misinformation campaign to the public for FIVE YEARS? Think about THAT!

They’re lying on every ad, creating it for their benefit. They’re falsifying what is already misinformation and doctoring it up to make it worse… Glantz even gloated in his blog – then linked “” ON HIS BLOG. Has he gone mad? Thank you, Mr. Glantz. Anything to help the cause…. is well appreciated. Ugh.

Some of us try things to capture the attention of these people with any means necessary.

So………. lesson learned even by me, that everything is not what it appears.

I thought you would all see it as a parody immediately, some of you thought it was real, and there were a couple of well trained eyes even questioning it. I want the campaigns like the CDPH stopped in their tracks. They’re irresponsible and costing lives.

They are irresponsible and costing LIVES, and wasting tax revenue to do it as well. I want to put them out of business.

The CDPH is not going to apologize for their lies…or their grant money over the next five years.

We have to learn to catch everything on the fly.This really IS war.

If I “bothered” you with it, good. It wasn’t to be malicious and most certainly was accidental, but it sure brought awareness to light over what’s real….. what’s not…. and what the enemy does to the public to deter them from even trying vaping.

I’m on the vaping side of life –  I am for smokers as well… this is a very complex fight – so pay attention – not to me specifically, but to what’s being tweeted, what’s being posted….

We also have to learn to be creative and capture their attention.

They’re claiming the same old silliness…. I’m open to ideas…don’t think they aren’t reading our tweets & blogs….

We need to keep doing something.

Productive tactics:

Like this:   Debunking_Handbook

Or This: The Lung Goodbye – ironically by Simon Chapman. : The Lung Goodbye

Please check this link to support the Article 20 challenge:

Keep ON #Vaping On.

More to come.


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