FDA accepting PUBLIC & Private Industry comments on E-cigarettes & tobacco. Are you shrugging shoulders?

deemingIf you believe your e-cigarette has saved your life or someone you love, or if you are a smoker/tobacco user in those descriptions, you need to pay attention to those red underlined words just above in the graphic…. I saw 60 something comments on Friday, as of the time of this post, there are only 75 on the FDA site.

Are you all shrugging your shoulders? Procrastinating? Get this DONE. Will it matter? I don’t know. I do know this,  it’s been done in other realms (like gun control) in the United States.

I know you’ve got ’till April 15th, so if you’re reading this, you’ve got till today! 🙂

I quote:

“Proposed newly “deemed” products would include electronic cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, certain dissolvables that are not “smokeless tobacco,” gels, and waterpipe tobacco.”

If they regulate they can restrict, tax, control and could eventually ban.

By tax, I mean like TOBACCO tax.

A LOT is at stake. E-cigarettes, cigars…. it’s not just vapers……… you roll your own and use pipe tobacco?

Yep………… you too.

YES you can comment personally.  Yes you SHOULD comment personally. YES you should make sure your local shop has done it. YES vendors should tell every person walking in their store to blow clouds or buy tobacco. Do I sound a bit pissy? Well I AM!

Dismiss this all you like, but read the picture above again where I’ve underlined in red, then read the link below, click on the link  below and then ask yourself if you’re not pissed yet.

If you don’t think bans can happen, think again: http://www.ecigarette-politics.com/electronic-cigarettes-global-legal-status.html

If you’re still here, awesome.

So, when I went to it, I was a bit confused… US Government doesn’t make it easy, eh? Well we’ve got till April 15th to submit our public comments here:


Then you click:


Then you click:


Then you comment and can add files:


Then you choose your “category” as “individual consumer” or if you’re an association, private industry etc.

at the bottom once you’ve finished your comments:



You can go straight to the comment box here : http://www.regulations.gov/#!submitComment;D=FDA-2014-N-1936-0001

and at the bottom choose your “category” as “individual consumer” or if you’re an association, private industry etc. . . . .   Submit & that’s it!

I don’t care about blog hits, I care about awareness-use my words, copy & paste this post, use as your own, plagiarize…. I don’t care , make your comment and then SPREAD this info ANY WAY you can…

as always,

Keep ON #Vaping On.


35 thoughts on “FDA accepting PUBLIC & Private Industry comments on E-cigarettes & tobacco. Are you shrugging shoulders?”

  1. Please have others pick up on this like SpinFuel, Vapors .org , etc. I would do it if I knew how to add links. I filled out the form last month and it was very easy. But I was Shocked at how very Few comments were on it and how many of those were Against Vaping . Time to Fight Back or Lose our Rights people.

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    1. Hey there, There is a video on CASAA’s site for their CALL to Action and the FDA comments that shows how to add links. Please let us know if it helps you or not.
      Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the video. There are also links to the recordings of the FDA workshops if you want to hear what they don’t know about e-cigs and why we need to inform them with all the great info available on forums, YouTube, etc. 🙂

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  2. i Vape an I vote! Have been tobacco free for almost 2 years thanks to vaping. That is no longer 35-40 cigarettes per day nor 4000-7000 carcinogen per cig per day. Can breath,smell,taste and exercise better. Am blessed to be a tobacco QUITTER

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  3. hello
    I use to smoke a pack of cigs a day , I don’t no more ever since I started vaping I really feel much better I can actually run for a mile non stop witch I never done before I quit smoking my chest use to give me crazy pains but not no more it’s all gone and I feel great thank you e cigs for helping my life .

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  4. Ive smoked for 12 yrs and 8m only 26 yrs old, everytime ive come home and change cloths the smell of cigaretts still stick on me, my two kids at that age would cough when they go to sleep next to me, seems like they was getting asthma So ive stop with vaping and its been over a year!!! No more coughing kids and no more snoring for me. This change my life completely! Even though im not as active before, i still feel better then when i was when i was smoking… my kids is my reason i stop… what is your story?

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  5. Ive smoked for 12 yrs and im only 26 yrs old, everytime ive come home and change cloths the smell of cigaretts still stick on me, my two kids at that age would cough when they go to sleep next to me, seems like they was getting asthma So ive stop with vaping and its been over a year!!! No more coughing kids and no more snoring for me. This change my life completely! Even though im not as active as before, i still feel better then when i was when i was smoking… my kids is my reason i stop… what is your story?


  6. I have been tobacco free for one year and I feel 100% better all around, I used to smoke a pack a day + and I owe it all to vaping


  7. I can breathe so much easier now. So many friends with COPD are showing remarkable recovery with the help of vaping. Vaping brings people together, as well as saving lives. It teaches advanced users about electricity. There is a renewed vigor for learning electronics in a time when radio shack is gone out of business. There is a pride in AMERICAN WORKMANSHIP and ownership of American made goods over foreign goods. The benefits of vaping are so much more than just health and well being. I’ve met people who were able to improve their nutrition through getting to experience desserts through vaping and preventing them from eating so much candy, cakes, and sugar in general. Vaping Communities are better about constantly hydrating, and that water intake and reduction of sugary drinks is helping people ALOT!


  8. Vaping is a $5.5 Billion dollar industry…and the Oligarchs want a huge piece of it…I feel that I don’t only speak for myself when I say that if Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and Big Oligarchs get their way…we as a community need to boycott all products made by these monsters… #VapeOn

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  9. I have been smoke free for a year and two months, thanks to e-cigs. I was a smoker for over 30yrs and smoked half a pack a day. Now that I vape or use the e-cig, I don’t have that morning lagging cough, the weird unexplanable rashes are gone, I don’t and my clothes don’t smell like cigarettes, my health is better; i breath easier and my food tastes better. Also I’m not dealing with the backlash of quitting smoking by gaining weight, I’m more active. Now when I travel; no one complains about my cloud and it is not smoke.. sometimes depending on the flavor it smells pleasant. My house and car don’t smell like an ashtray anymore.

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  10. The only reason the FDA wants to get involved “Regulate” is to get on the band wagon to tax us to death. They want to steel more money from us at every turn, why would vaping be any different.

    Hello FDA, every ingredient is ALREADY approved by you individually, you DON’T need to regulate the combination of already approved products morons!

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  11. I have been vaping off and on since 1999. Now that I can find vaping supplys easily I will never smoke again. Vaping has saved my life. At one point I smoked 3 packs of red box a day and 3 cigars a week min. Inhaling the cigars. I would get winded walking up a set of stairs. Now I don’t. I feel so much better now. My mom vapes with no nic to help with her eating. Over eating . It has helped her to cut down on eating sweets and diet. When she’s hungry or wants sweets she vapes. It has helped us all. To quote Howard Hughes it’s the way of the future. Vaping is life and life has never felt so good.

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  12. my name is Mike I have smoked for over 17 years. A pack a day and now I am none a day have been for about a month I feel better my breathing is better . So I say this if the damn government only has the time to find out how to fuck up over time and time again this will become like when they tried to take out alcohol. We who vap will not allow u to tax us we has a group will rebel and make our own and share our stuff with each other. The government can try but we are all smarter and will go around u taxs makeing fucks nail us on everything to use to make vaping juice and for small business that sell the juice. Now step back worry about somthing like throw big tobacco out and leave us alone we are quoting so let’s say u do rule another thing in our life’s soon we will not need it and drop that too then I have nothing your fucked so leave the quitting alone and work on the cause for us to quit o an to all the government fucks that want to fuck with me and my life come tell me to my face I will throw my rights in your face then knock u the fuck out and set ther vaping on my mod just to remind u I am free my friend have fought for this and I will be damned if u are going stomp on that so this is my rant government can kiss my ass and I love all the vapping bro’s and sisters vap on and rule your life.


  13. vaping has saved me, I smoked cancer causing cigarettes for 36 years and tried everything to get off of them, I found vaping and it does not contain all those 4000-5000 chemicals that cigarettes do, it only has 4 ingredients, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings and if wanted nicotine, I went from 20mg of nicotine to 6mg in less that 2 months, I lost a brother to cancer due to cigarettes and 2 other brothers to massive heart attacks due to cigarette smoking, and to me the only reason people want to regulate it is because big pharma companies are losing money cause we found a way that gets us off them stinky cigarettes other than patches, gum that don’t work and wont use prescription meds that cause other problems.

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  14. 3 packs of cigars a day. Vaping for 6 months. Sounds like all the tobacco companies are losing money. So the government has to look elsewhere for money. …….. Or government is looking out for its cash cow (tobacco industry) so there tring to ban vaping

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  15. Reblogged this on Nixie Nocturne and commented:
    I try not to repost things too often, but this author said it perfectly! This is important folks – vaping is indeed banned in a lot of countries! My “little” brother went on a trip to Japan recently, where it’s banned, and ended up smoking cigarettes the whole time because they wouldn’t allow him his vape!


  16. I think it’s important to point out that the FDA is asking for technical information about how electronic cigarettes work, e-liquid, etc.

    CASAA goes into more detail about what the FDA wants to know and says it better than I can so please check out their Call To Action for what to submit. http://blog.casaa.org/2015/03/call-to-action-submit-comments-on-fdas.html

    Please forgive me if I’m being redundant and what I just wrote has already been specified on this site. I’m in a bit of a rush and don’t have time to read everything posted on this site. And I would hate for vapers to go to all the trouble to post comments only to have the FDA dismiss them because they didn’t submit what they are asking for.

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  17. I had smoked for close to 14 years, until I discovered Vaping. With the help of affordable e-juice, and quality vaping equipment, I have successfully quit smoking. I know that e-cigarettes are not deemed as a smoking cessation device, but they are the only thing that has helped me quit smoking. I have tried the patch (worked for the craving, but not the habit), I’ve tried the lozenges (helped with the craving, helped a little with the habit, but made me sick), I’ve tried Chantix (could not sleep while using it, and my attitude turned negative fast), and I’ve tried cold turkey with no luck. With Vaping I have been reducing the amount of nicotine in the e-juice, hoping to be nicotine free within the next month or two. Since all the ingredients are FDA approved, the only regulations that need to be enacted are to keep minors from getting e-juice with nicotine in them. I have done lots of research, and yes there are a lot of people that think vaping is as harmful as smoking, but if you look at all the facts, they are not. Before you impose any strict regulations, please make sure you have done extensive, honest, and unbiased studies on vaping.

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  18. This is frustrating. Those filthy health fascists have got smokers/vapers/etc. exactly where they want us: divided and perpetually on the defensive, always fighting on the battlefield of THEIR choice, where the game is already rigged so they’re guaranteed to win. If anybody here is deluded enough to believe that the FDA is anything even slightly resembling impartial and objective, they should be in a padded room, weaving baskets. Worst of all, the health nazis have brainwashed vapers to believe in their health lies against tobacco, and to have a vested interest in perpetuating them in order to make vaping look great.

    There’s only one way to put a stop to their war of cultural genocide against us, and that’s a lawsuit against the government for violating our Constitutional rights by deliberately committing scientific fraud. They can’t get away with their usual spiel of claiming that the government can do anything it damn pleases in the name of public health, because that claim is based on lies. That puts its legal foundation right on a par with the practice of knowingly throwing innocent people in prison!

    The anti-smokers deliberately use defective studies to falsely blame smoking for diseases that are really caused by infection. I’ve been gathering up the evidence in support of this thesis for more than 20 years. It’s on my website, http://www.smokershistory.com/ and new papers are highlighted on my REAL Smokers’ Rights Blog at https://realsmokersrights.wordpress.com/

    Please come by to check it out and spread the word about my project, too.

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  19. I smoked for 42 years 3 packs a day and couldn’t walk up steps or simply walk to my mailbox without huffing and puffing. I had tried every means available to quit smoking until I found vaping. I have now been vaping for a little over a year, I can breathe, my chest xrays are clear, my doctor approves, I do not smell like an ashtray and just all around feel better. I have reduced my nicotine to 6mg and plan on going down to zero mg. You need to take a hard look at vaping and get the facts straight before you impose any restrictions. These restrictions will hurt a lot of people like me that fought for years to stop smoking. Once we found a way to help people and make them healthier the government wants to step in with all these restrictions and lump us in with the the tobacco companies. Vaping doesn’t cause lung cancer, COPD or any or the other diseases but cigarettes do. Please looking into vaping and get ALL the facts before restrictions are imposed…Thank you so much for reading this

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