Smoking Cessation, Manipulative Discretion.


The search for millions of people for a smoking cessation “tool” has been underway for years. Many ways to stop have been introduced in the world, and for some to no avail. 


The Real Story Behind the Nicotine Patch and Smoking Cessation

By: Amy Renshaw

The smoker, provoked by health reasons, pressure, guilt or shame, even the hard core smoker will at some point try anything at any cost to stop smoking. When someone fails, supporters of the one trying turn quickly on them and accuse the smoker with phrases like  “lack of willpower” or  “just not wanting to quit” and create doubt, stir and conjure up “failure”.

Keep trying…  any way you can. In my opinion, if it is a product, the other ways available are set up for failure by design, where vaping is very successful. Originally thought of and patented by Herbert A. Gilbert’s patent from the 1960’s, He called it “moist, flavored air”.

Mr. Gilbert is still alive and well, if you’re wondering!

For this “blog” I searched the word “cessation” in the results of the survey and got thinking about it. Vaping is successful for most for two reasons in my opinion. It is more about the sensation you’re conditioned to, and cessation is just the natural course of progression away from tobacco for most. I’m talking about smoking, not nicotine.

The media, many public health & political figures are using irresponsible and manipulative discretion

(The way one acts attempting to attain selfish ends by disregarding another’s aspirations or well being to control or play upon that one’s hopes or fears.)

in any way necessary for their own greed to downplay vaping – an e-cigarette – as a viable and useful device.

Below are enlightening and unedited comments from just the word cessation from the survey (The survey final analysis is linked at the bottom of this blog).

We all know the tools available, but the word cessation; ” a temporary or final ceasing (as of action)” as to the use of tobacco is the end result one is normally looking for in “not smoking”… some are cutting down, some want to cease smoking for good because the dangers of smoking are slow and unseen for a very long time. There are dual users, and that’s their choice. The reasons people try to quit vary and most likely are health related as being the top reason.

Here are the comments from the survey on “cessation” and under those are a few links.

This is my plea for help. No one is listening to me. I feel hopeless and depressed.

After smoking for over 40 years, this sin has caught up to me.

After years of trying to quite using Pharmacy smoking aids, nicotine patches, nicotine puffers, nicotine inhalers, flavored nicotine gums, and prescribed smoke cessation drugs, I finally discovered an instrument to try and salvage what health I have left -an e-cigarette.

An electronic cigarette. So simple. So pure. A gift for Mankind. A gift from God.

It allowed me to quit instantly.

After using this miracle product, going on 3 years now, I am told that the Government,
through bill 45, is trying to take away my life saving gift. No questions asked. No questions answered. No questions period.

Please help me . . .

No one is listening to me . . .

I feel hopeless and depressed . . .
Please help . . .

Thanks for this survey, hope the information gathered is used to highlight the real truth about vaping. Smoking cessation was my goal in vaping and it has become a personal lifestyle choice.

Vaping is a cool thing to do for many, but for me it’s more about smoking cessation. When I walk into many vape shops there are people behind the counter trying to see who can blow the biggest cloud. Close minded idiot politicians and anti smoking morons see that same scene, and that’s all they see. They see no merit to vaping with that scene. We can say “f-them”, but they’re busy banning and taxing us around the world, screwing up what could be a technology capable of ending cigarette smoking as we know it. We need more research and public surveys like this one to reaffirm what we already know, vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes, and it’s helping to save lives.

This method works for me and I encourage others, especially family and friends, to try it. I loan/give them what they need to get started. I am concerned that the cash cow that is tobacco and smoking cessation pharmaceuticals will limit availability and make people afraid to try something that is relatively harmless. Not TOTALLY harmless, but SO MUCH safer than tobacco.

Since pharma came up with nicorette in the 70th, smoking cessation tools have to be save and approved. Instead of being a proud nonsmoker????? I`m smoking the safest and most harmless cigarette ever, there is no need for regulations. Don`t believe the WHO and ANTZ lies, even Fagerstroem did rename his Nicotin-test to make all those people ill and addicted, that don`t use “medical” nicotin.

I think it’s sad and hilarious that e-cigarettes cannot be legally promoted as a smoking cessation tool. That needs to change.

If any regulation is to be done, it should not be done by government entities that are in bed with big pharma and big tobacco. For years we hear you have to quit smoking. We find a product that works for so many folks where all other cessation aids have failed, and the government wants to tax and regulate it to death. But there are huge pushes to legalize pot. Really! Leave my vaping alone and let me be an adult and find responsible places to buy my vape gear including juices. If the government wants to make vaping safer…..try funding some small business to start up manufacturing in the US, so we don’t have to buy everything from China!!

I personally have tried every “FDA approved” smoking cessation device that lead to failure at the least, illness at the most….

I was, and still am, convinced that vaping provides an infinitely safer method compared to smoking. Vaping is the only harm reduction/cessation product that has successfully allowed me to abandon cigarette use.

was shown vaping by a friend decided to try it to quit cigarettes,had tried all the rest on cessation aids nothing else worked

I used vaping as a quit method, despite its inherit noncessation attribution.

No problem switching, taste was better and noticed the health increase from smoking cessation

I tried a very old, small e-cigarette approximately 1,5 years before I stopped smoking. After I quit smoking using a cessation drug, I kept feeling the craving for approximately half a year, which is when I turned to vaping. So in a sense, I quit smoking 6 months before I took up vaping.

I think so. Should be limited to 18 and older. Primarily should be used as smoking cessation product.

In my eyes, it is a smoking cessation product. I only say this because I no longer smoke cigarettes…and was a user of cigarettes for 10 years.

Vaping works, but I don’t think I would call it a cessation tool. It’s its own thing 😉

Vaping is a smoking cessation

vaping is a cessation aid. i way to help people stop smoking

Vaping works as a smoking cessation product as well as a smoking substitute. How well it works, like any other product, depends on the willingness and determination of the individual.

Vaping has changed my life in a positive way that I had given up hope was possible. Even if it does have negative effects, it’s still safer than smoking. Even if the cessation rates are the same as other nicotine replacement therapies, it’s reach goes much farther than the others, meaning more lives are saved.

Ok vaping will not work on everyone, but I believe it to be the best cessation device I have ever tried. As long as I have my e-cig I do not want a cigarette. It replaces the act of smoking which all of the other smoking cessations fail to do. I believe this to be the biggest advantage to the e-cigarette. When I was on the patch or gum, it was a constant test of my will power as soon as I saw someone light up a cigarette. With the e-cig that feeling is gone!

Best thing ever. Government should be embracing it as a smoke cessation device. It shouldn’t be supplemented though.

I am quite concerned that the people with the money, ie: big pharma are sponsoring articles and false studies on how vaping is bad for us. They stand to lose billions from revenue generated by their smoking cessation aides (too many to list) that don’t work and the government because they obviously go where the money is.

As I said above, the powers-that-be are mostly acting irrationally when it comes to science. There are too many vested interests for them to act in a disinterested manner and too many wealthy and powerful interests acting to protect their own interests against vaping (the pharmaceutical industry, the tobacco industry, etc.). They therefore are spreading the most incredible lies and disinformation about vaping. They should be held accountable for the people they are killing by not allowing them accurate, truthful, undistorted information about this cessation method.

Stop paying attention to the media. Stop concerning yourself with “fluff” and outrageous claims of experts. If you’re in doubt, sitting quietly contemplating this choice, I implore you to follow these links:

If you are worried about nicotine, it is here

—>All About Nicotine (& Addiction)

If you need validation of research, it is here —>Research

If you need to see what responsible members of the Medical, Scientific & Research community has decided to do worldwide, or if you are one and know the benefits of e-cigarettes, please join!

It is here

—> M.O.V.E.

If you need to see this extensive and powerful research done by Kellie Forbes (BScN RN, a member of M.O.V.E.) to help others to find a way to the truth here in PDF form, it is here

—> Vaping-the-truth-USA

If you need more of a personal story, it is here via the Vaping Militia’s Alex Carlson:

—>Interview With Fiamma Palermo (Karen Lee) The First To Say #ImProof

(Article Via—>Alex Carlson )

If you need more from groups, there is

—>CASAA & the

—>Vaping Militia.

If you need more, you’ll find it from Clive Bates here

—> Briefing on the science and policy of e-cigarettes and vaping:

If you need more from the survey, they’re found here—> Vaping Truth Survey Final Analysis and throughout this blog.

If you see or hear anything else,Ask for truth with proof. Don’t be fooled by hype and please question it.

Expect nothing less than the truth as if your lives depended on it, VAPING SAVES LIVES.

If you use an e-cig, I encourage you to comment to the F.D.A. as an individual or as a business.

: Post your comments —>>> Open Dockets for Public Comment with the FDA

Keep On #Vaping On.


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