Vaping works, People stop smoking. Isn’t that what they want?



They claim there’s not enough research. They are wrong.

If you are in doubt please see E-cigarette Research Here

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If you are a medical professional and understand this is obviously better than smoking, you can be among now hundreds of other scientists, researchers & health/medical professionals: Please join M.O.V.E.

Below are just a few comments (unedited, and truly worldwide) from the infamous “Bonus troll/question comment”

from The Vaping Truth Survey Final Analysis

I put this question in the survey hoping for comments. Comments were astounding!

I said from the beginning we have a voice.

Here are a just a few of your voices:

• Vaping works if you want it to work. I still crave a cigarette every now again, but I’m more likely to pick up my e-cig to satisfy that craving than I am to smoke a cigarette because I like that I feel better and I enjoy the taste of my e liquids far more than burning tobacco. I crave cigarettes, but I no longer WANT cigarettes.

• if I would have known it would be this easy I would have did this a long time ago!

• Vaping is great way to quit smoking.. regulations are fine but don’t tax it like tobacco because it’s not tobacco.. don’t make it had for small businesses to compete..

• truth

• Once I get down to 0mg of nicotine I may quit vaping as well or only keep it around when I feel an urge to smoke.

• Because vaping is amazing and I feel 1million times better I will never ever ever again give my hard earned money to big tobacco. Almost 4 months smoke free #improof

• I do still have cravings, but can vape it out.

• Vaping works for me 100%
I did not even wanted to stop smoking, after vaping i stopped direct. I even smoked a few real sigarettes, witch i hated.
Also it was really easy to lower the nicotine, and the addiction now is another level. It is okay not to vape for hours, when i smoked i really needed e new one after about 15 min.

• vaping is different, as when i was smoking, i had to have a cigarette every hour or so, but with vaping, i can go a whole day with out even craving a hit.

• Vaping is ok for smokers, not so ok for non-smokers

• because its true

• Thank God PVs were invented!

• Because it is a marvellous product that has potential to save millions of lives.

• I have tried quitting over 20 times before vaping. I strongly believe i never would have quit if i did not find out about vaping. Now i can go days without vaping.


• It works for some extent for me, just need to find the willpower to quit all the cigarettes rather than just cutting down. For less nicotine dependant smokers switching to vaping completely would be relatively easy I think.

• 6 months in and I have not touched a cigarette. I have reduced my nicotine from 24-18-12 and I also can vape 10 happily too. The one thing that has always drawn me back to smoking is that I enjoy it and the act of smoking. Vaping has enabled me to keep the act and enhance my enjoyment as I stopped the coughing up of horrible stuff so feel no guilt on my health. I am in no rush to reduce nicotine but it has reduced naturally by taste, I am happy with where I am at and that is thanks to vaping.

• It worked for me.

• Need I say more.

• Worked for me!

• No desire to ever smoke a cigarette again, one day I would like to be off of nicotine, but there is no need to rush that.

• Vaping works. All governments, lobbies and haters, LEAVE US ALONE!

• Keep vaping

• Vaper for life!

• Even my wife is happy because of my not smoking anymore

• I haven’t yet thought of any reason to go back to smoking, nor any reason to look for a reason.

• For 20+ years I was a smoker (20 cigarettes a day). I don’t miss a thing since I vape!

• Why would anyone smoke again with this alternative?

• I still get a twinge to smoke every once in a while…but a quick toot and it passes…

• i dont even think of smoking now that i vape. also i have tried a cigarette once 3 monthas after i started to see if i would like it and i hated it even more!.

• I think vaping can work for many, but it still requires some will power.

• This gives me the nicotine I crave and has now become readily available

• I wont even.vape.tobacco. flavours. if vaping stays as is ill continue to wean my nic level. if were restricted to mint – hate it, tobacco – hate it, no flavour- wont satisfy I.dread wanting to smoke again so.I really hope we can.continue as.we do now with only essential saftey intervention. Not trumped up fairy tales& ifs and maybes..real vapers= real study results

• Vaping is saving my life!

• I picked up vaping as I missed the sensation of smoking. I wasn’t a smoker at the time I started but it appealed to me.
I like the fact that you can have a vape of any flavour you like, when you like. I also have a technical mind and rta etc really appeal to me.

• I just enjoy vaping even though I wasn’t a tobacco smoker.

• I know it works,I have no craving to eat ALL the time and can sleep normally.

• Vaping seems to have cured my idiocy! I feel smarter! I have my eyes wide open now about how corrupt my government and all the health agencies are, and I will never let them force me back to the death sentence tobacco is no matter what they say.

• It’s all about the individual. Many factors such as circumstances and resources will determine whether a person will combat an addiction. Since there is a current alternative available to smoking that is appealing, with a high success rate, I believe vaping works. I also think many people will use vaping temporarily and quit using nicotine completely

• I almost chose ‘I will never smoke again because of vaping’, but it feels too strong even now, when the hard part is done. I sincerely hope for the better in this manner.

• It worked

• I started smoking full on at the age of 12 when 10 No10 were 9p and I got 10p a day for bus fare to school.. For many years I tried to quit smoking but failed. I tried patches and gum on several occasions but I continued to smoke while using them. Then on 1st November 2013 I bought an ecig starter kit. I smoked my last stinky that evening the following morning I filled the carto with 24mg tobacco flavour e liquid and I have not looked back since…. 🙂

• The answer is in the question

• How many chemicals are in eliquid as compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes? That alone should get people to think about what they are doing.

• I quit cigarettes by using a vape! nuff said!

• I quit fags and a 30 year weed habit because of vaping.

• I never had any intention of stopping smoking. The only reason I vape is because I enjoy it more than smoking.

• The cig like vape i got didnt stop me wanting and having a cig but i now got a battery mod and tank (itaste v4 + nautilus mini) and its going much better

• Im adapting to it and one way to certainly make it work is to remind myself how selfish & low my government is to TAX money so they can shoved that up to their big fat rear. I for One, do and will not trade my life for money.

• The last cigarette I smoked made me know it: I’m never smoking again, that sh** is disgusting.

• I have seen it work for alot of people.

• Because vaping does work. It worked for me.

I assume if you’ve read these and still don’t believe vaping works or you’d like to explain that there are more dangers – so much that those dangers outweigh someone continuing to smoke, please, feel free to leave your comment, title and link to scientific proof – scientific proof that you’re working on or have completed.

Otherwise, if you’re a health professional, an expert or you’ve got a fancy title and think you need to elevate your ratings in the world you live in, shut up, stop spreading lies. Start quickly admitting you were wrong, please be proactive in the fact that vaping, compared to smoking, is safe. It gets people to stop smoking effectively! Isn’t that what you WANT? We’re going to ask you why you were so against it in the first place if we haven’t already. Are you one of the “experts” that would rather people smoke?

Keep On #Vaping On.

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