The Vaping Truth Survey is over 5,000. 01/01/15

If you haven’t taken the survey and vape:

Click on this link to take the The Vaping Truth Survey

In light of wanting WORLDWIDE translations and the ability for anyone to take this survey,

We want the world to have the opportunity!

Please share this translator link

with any group, forum or vaping friend in quite a few languages!

I want the whole vaping world’s input!

Below is just one of the totals so far from over 5,000 worldwide participants, with 66 countries joining in the FIGHT!!!

(Remember I wanted 100,000? 95,000 to go! 🙂 )

I want this to be the biggest survey by vapers for vapers ever!

Gum surpassed “cold turkey” in the latest roundup.


I simply CAN’T go on without mentioning this next:

Queensland, as of this post has banned liquid nicotine. )

Someone told me last night – they’ll probably GO BACK TO SMOKING.

That does NOT make me happy. Not that someone would, that someone would not have a choice.

Folks, Happy New Year. We’re waking up to 2015.

A brand new year. I started this survey late on the 17th of December. I haven’t decided when the survey will be over yet. Just when I think everyone may have taken it, the numbers go up another few hundred in a day! Excitement is booming overseas. Holidays are now behind us and I’m moving forward in this cause.

The translator was a great suggestion from a couple people on the European Vapers United Network:

(EVUN) and gave other countries a great boost in numbers for this survey.

I have had thousands – countless numbers of retweets, shares on facebook, MANY have posted in their respective & various forums. (Keep that going, it’s working, and I see the traffic on this blog, so if you want to know, ask me and I’ll check the hits!)

I’ve received not only awesome mentoring from one individual and quite a few emails in praise and support on this vaping journey of the survey from quite a few others! I’ve asked questions, I’ve had INVALUABLE advice, (I’m here to learn and learning as I go as well!)  I’ve been given some HIGH quality retweets, I’ve had a boatload of fun to date, and in all, hopefully have raised not only awareness to this cause, but raised spirits in the process. I was in my own world about vaping for the first year or so. Still using my ego/ce4, telling people who asked about it the good as it came up- dispelling the bad quickly and spreading the vaping truth. It wasn’t easy. SO much bad press. I had this idea over a couple days. What if I could change the image of “vaping” for people who smoke and hear the bad. That’s part of the whole story.

Now, as I’ve tweeted at one point, I never was an activist, but I’ve become one by default. What if I could have a place every vaper in the world could point to. It’s not just my opinion or my experience in vaping. It’s the WORLD stating the truth. There’s power in numbers. It’s what I was trying to tell others by myself. I was asked “How much does it cost to vape?” by someone at work. I replied, “Great question, what’s your life worth?”. That’s not just a tweet I posted awhile back, that’s what happened. It took him by surprise, and he’s still vaping.

I need to take this survey, blog and pending website to a much greater level in order to further educate and display the results to the world when its over properly. Some information will (and technically has) become public domain. Feel free, for what is already posted, to USE these results to help anyone thinking about vaping to DO it. If it helps, I’ve done my job. I’d LOVE to hear from the first person who comes across what’s already released to email me and tell me they chose to stop smoking from the information from this survey. There’s always hope. I’ll be ready for any “anti’s” to discredit this survey.

I don’t know how far this will go yet. I do now know and willingly admit that I need to raise voluntary monetary support. I thought about this very hard this morning before coming to a conclusion and posting this to the world.

With your help, if enough is raised, these funds will first upgrade the PollDaddy Survey to Professional Level. With that I’ll be able to add features to it not available as a “free” survey, and extract any and all information backwards, sideways and forward to further the education of the public about vaping.

If there’s a huge outpouring of support, it will cover more. Most importantly, it will help spread “The Vaping Truth” far and wide to anyone on a fence about vaping. We’ve spoken volumes very loudly with this survey, and honestly, with no funding  – no backing, I’m STOKED to hit 5,000. I’ve had some listings on blogs, a few of those “” feeds, and proudly on still (thank you) has my reply to their support on the front of their website.

I appreciate any consideration of this ~ it is absolutely NOT required and is anonymous.

Instead of just giving money and hoping for the best on your part –  I’m VERY willing to mention you here in the blog as a supporter if you like, or you can remain anonymous.

(If you want to be listed here, please tell me – if not I’ll assume you wanted to be anonymous!)

Many of you on twitter are reviewers, ejuice makers, stand makers. Bloggers. You have sites of your own. With that I thought of this:

You can list your name, twitter handle –  your review site, your liquid site, (if you have a website, blog, company, group, cause, Avon, etc,) or just want to see your name on the list, I’ll gladly do that with a text link to you or your site! (They cannot be big tobacco, porn, or the obvious etc).

You state what your text link is worth all your own.

If you think your retweet was worth your site being listed on here, If you want your name, or a company you like on here and don’t or can’t  donate, I’ll STILL put it on here!

That’s how important this is!

There are already some on the right under

Vaping Truth Survey Supporters!

If you choose to show support,

you can safely use Paypal to donate here

with any amount you choose:

  You can use PAYPAL Here To Support “The Vaping Truth Survey”

I thank you for your time.

Keep On #Vaping On.


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